As per a report, the deceased has been identified as 20-year old Devon Harris and the driver is said to be 19-year old Devon Norred. The two friends were supposedly heading to a mutual friends house when tragedy struck. They drove off a boat launch and straight into the Tangipahoa River at around 11 pm on Monday. It took as many as ten firefighters to pull the car and its driver out of the water.

The firefighters were able to find Devon Norred right away and pulled him out. He then told them that there was another person in the car with him. However, even after a 20-minute search, the rescuers were unable to find the other Devon. The officers that responded to the call suspect that the 19-year old driver had been drinking prior to the crash.

Must have been drunk; how do you drive off of a boat launch?

However, citizens of the area claim that insufficient lighting and a lack of signage may have been the reason for the accident. Supposedly, it is not the first time a car has driven off the boat launch and into the river after dark. The friend that was expecting the driver and the passenger at his house said in an interview with the media that he knew his best friend were well and that he was positive that he would have never done something like drink and drive, apparently his whole family was strongly against it.


The truth of the matter is that people lie all the time to cover up their crazy actions.

23-year old drunken man’s adventure lands him in jail

How drunk do you need to be to steal an 180,000 lb. excavator and mow down power poles with it? A 23-year old identified as William Strength, a resident of Harvey, has been accused of doing just that. According to police reports, Strength even charged at officers that were trying to arrest him with the 180,000 lbs. excavator. Understandably, they called his actions irresponsible and downright dangerous.

As reported by, the youth faces multiple charges for his drunken adventure, namely, auto theft, resisting arrest, and of course DWI among a few others.

During his short lived illegal joy ride, Strength knocked down trees and electricity poles and even a supporting beam structure costing the state a small fortune in damages. Supposedly, transformers exploded as a result of the falling power poles.

In the climax leading up to his eventual arrest, Strength went through a fence and into the Harvey Canal. He then hopped out of the excavator and swam up and down the length of the canal completely ignoring warnings from Police Officers to surrender. The cops had to borrow water boats from a nearby boat renting business to finally catch Strength. His DWI attorney is going to have a tough time defending him in court but he may have a fighting chance if he uses the emerging website that is turning real and digital heads.

Private Investigator in custody demands statement be blocked

According to a Daily Journal report, an investigator that helped put several DUI suspects back on the road by bribing members of the 15th judicial attorney’s office by spoiling them with cash and gifts has been jailed and awaits his court hearing. As per Robert Williamson, all the evidence and the statements he made when officers raided his house looking for evidence should be dismissed as the cops never read him his right to silence.

According to Tangipahoa LA DWI attorneys, the state has a conservative approach DWI. First time DWI offenders face a minimum period of incarceration of two days in addition to fines between $300 and $1,000. They will also have their driving license suspended for up to 90 days. DWI attorneys say that the penalties are more severe if the toxicology reports indicate a blood alcohol content of .15 or more.