Orlando, FL- Florida once again lives up to its reputation as the freakiest state in the union, and is also a source for strange and amusing DUI stories, though the arrestees probably don’t think so. Take for example the DUI arrest of an Orlando woman who was busted on Halloween wearing an interesting costume that was probably good for a chuckle down at the police station.

The woman in question is Kristine M. Gagnier, 26, a water sports enthusiast, was pulled over around 2 a.m. after a night celebrating Halloween, according to the Orlando Sentinel. Since it was Halloween Gagnier was wearing quite a get-up, a pig suit wearing a bikini and to complete her ensemble she also tossed in some zombie contacts.

Gagnier was pulled over after an Orlando officer saw her driving erratically on Orange Ave. Deputy Jeff Lotter stated in his report, “While behind the vehicle I observed it leave the travel lane to the right, crossing over the fog line, and then over the lane divider line to the left, and then over the lane divider line to the right.”

Gagnier then crossed the center line and touched the lane divider on more than one occasion until she reached Holden Ave and just as she began to make her turn, Deputy Lotter pulled her over,

Deputy Lotter noted in his report that she showed several signs of intoxication such as a smell of alcohol, blood shot eyes and slurred speech. He also said that Gagnier admitted to drinking that night.

Helpful hint: If you have been drinking it is best not to tell an officer that you have, this will give them enough probable cause to place you under arrest. You don’t have to lie, just cleverly evade the question like Tracy Mourning, wife of former Miami Heat player Alonzo Mourning, who recently managed to dodge a DUI conviction. She wasn’t going to give police any more information than she needed to when she was pulled, so when asked if she had been drinking before he arrest, she simply told officers she had been enjoying dinner with her friends.

After Gagnier failed a few field sobriety tests she was placed under arrest and taken to the station. At 3 a.m. she recorded a .120 on a breathalyzer test, almost twice Florida’s legal limit of .08, and was charged with DUI

Looter’s report described her costume, stating that she was wearing “zombie contacts” and a “pig suit with a nude-colored bathing suit.” She was given a prison jumpsuit and allowed to change out of the pig suit, they let her keep her contacts in though.

The particulars of certain DUI stops are amusing; a DUI isn’t amusing if you are the one who is in trouble and must now deal with the consequences. A DUI attorney can take a bite out of your arrest. First they will fight to avoid conviction and should that be unlikely see that you don’t get the harshest penalties.