Prop. 47 and its sentence reforms has spelled freedom for many as thousands of inmates hope for a speedy release from Orange County Courts. A steady stream of inmates filled the Santa Ana courthouse after Prop. 47 received approval. Many prisoners have had months or even years cut off their sentence based on the guidelines of the initiative that has reduced penalties for some crimes will now be considered misdemeanors instead of felonies.

The Orange County District Attorney’s Office received well over 4,000 petitions within a fortnight of Prop 47’s approval. Hundreds of cases have already been heard with about 24 petitions a day heard by a judge at the Orange County Superior Courthouse.

The new initiative will have drug dependencies treated more appropriately as medical issues and not as criminal issues. This will help many inmates increase their chances of employment and become productive members in their community after being released from jail. Well, there is not too many jobs in California but welfare is easier on the tax payer than locking someone up.

No Provisions for a DUI

According to Santa Ana DUI attorneys, the new initiative does not cover felony DUI. However, those convicted can have their attorney seek relief under Penal Code section 17(b) where the judge, based on certain circumstances, has the power to reduce a felony to a misdemeanor. However, it is important to hire an experienced attorney. The initiative did not bring about any changes to marijuana rules which irks many people because if someone wants to smoke or sell this drug that should a private affair.

Contra Costa County Refuses Liability for Crash Involving Drunk Probation Officer

Contra Costa County probation officer Jesse Aguilar was convicted of DUI after a drunk driving collision involving a Fresno man on his way home from work back in September 2013. The crash left Eustaquio Flores with severe back injuries and nerve damage.

He later filed a lawsuit against the officer and Contra Costa County. While there is no dispute over who was at fault in the collision, Contra Costa County has refused to foot the bill for Flores’ medical expenses even though they owned the car.

Aguilar’s blood alcohol content registered 0.14, which Contra Costa DUI attorneys say is almost twice the limit of .08. According to police reports, Flores was headed north on Highway 99 in his pickup truck when the collision occurred. The front fender of Aguilar’s Camry complete with the California exempt license plate was embedded in Flores’ truck bed due to the force of the crash.

While Flores’ litigation continues, he alleges that the probation officer flashed his badge in an attempt to intimidate him. The victim claims that Aguilar accused him of causing the accident. According to Contra Costa DUI attorneys, this is a blatant violation of the law. Flores’ attorney confirms that the County claims it is not liable to pay for his client’s increasing medical bills. He is of the opinion that the county must be held responsible since Aguilar was on county duty in a county car.

Former Bakersfield Police Officer Receives Seven Years for DUI

In other DUI related news, Kristofer Randall Carter, a former Bakersfield police officer who severely injured a 20 year old woman in an April 2014 DUI related crash, has been ordered to serve seven years and four months in prison.

Leann Katherine Harris was pumping gas at a Bakersfield gas station when Carter crashed his car into the station. The victim was left paralyzed and can no longer walk. Four charges against Carter were dismissed after he pleaded guilty in January this year to driving under the influence causing bodily injury.

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