Roseburg, OR-When you are arrested for a DUI in Oregon, your blood alcohol concentration dictates the severity of your charges and the penalties you face for conviction. That’s a lesson an Oregon man will learn soon enough after being arrested with a 0.57 blood alcohol concentration.

Oregon Man Arrested with a BAC Seven Times the Legal Limit

On June 7, 2017, police in Portland found a man slumped over the wheel of his car and suspected he was intoxicated. They told KGW TV the man had crossed over many lanes as he drove through the northeast part of the city. Fortunately, he didn’t cause an accident.

A breathalyzer showed that the man’s BAC was .573, seven times the state’s legal limit.

KGW reports that the man was taken to the hospital for treatment and was arrested as soon as he was released. He was charged with felony DUI and driving while revoked. If convicted, he faces up to five years in jail and several thousand in fines and legal fees.

BAC and How It Affects You

The term blood alcohol concentration refers to the amount of alcohol in person’s blood stream which is usually measured with a breathalyzer. Naturally, the more drinks you have, the more intoxicated you become. With each drink, your motor skills slow down, and you make bad decisions. Drinking too much can lead to alcohol poisoning and death in extreme cases.

BAC and it’s Affects according to Loyola University:

.080- Muscle coordination and driving skills are impaired. This is the legal limit in Oregon.

.120- Individual may feel sick, and vomiting could occur.

.150 to .250- At this level, most people begin to experience blackouts.

.400- This level of intoxication can result in loss of consciousness and fatal alcohol poisoning.

.450- Most people would stop breathing and die at this level of intoxication.

Going by the BAC levels above,  the man discussed above is lucky to be alive.

BAC and Oregon’s DUI Laws

Under Oregon law, the legal limit for adults is .08. If you are arrested with a .08 BAC or higher, you can be charged with driving under the influence, and you can be convicted without the state having to prove you were impaired at the time of your arrest. All the state must do is prove that your BAC was at or above the state’s legal limit to secure a conviction which means you need a powerful defense.

Consult with a DUI Lawyer in Oregon

The right defense makes the difference between exoneration and conviction. Our DUI lawyers in Roseburg, Oregon will look at the details of your case and decide how to challenge the prosecution with success. can refer you to the dedicated defense lawyer to get answers about your charges, the penalties you face and how to ensure