Portland, OR- If you, a friend or a family member are facing a DUI charge, you probably already know that you are facing some pretty stiff legal consequences. You could face jail time and will most definitely have your license suspended if you are convicted of a DUI, but there are possible defense strategies that will give you a greater chance of avoiding a DUI charge or minimizing the possible consequences. Here our team of DUI lawyers at USAttorneys will discuss some of the top DUI defenses.

The first step in your defense should be to retain a DUI lawyer in Portland to help you with your defense. You need someone with a knowledge of Oregon’s DUI laws and someone who works with local courts to know what will be an effective defense.

Once you’ve enlisted a local attorney, they will figure out what is the best defense strategy to take in each case. They do this by first examining the details of your arrest to ensure that none of your Constitutional rights have been violated. Most law enforcement officers operate completely within the law and have respect for your rights, but there are some officers who don’t.

A law enforcement officer must have a legitimate reason to pull you over, known as probable cause, and charge you with DUI. If an officer has violated your rights in any way or their probable cause is dubious, it is possible to have your charges dismissed.

Another effective defense strategy is to question the accuracy of a breathalyzer. These machines are sensitive and require regular maintenance to give the most accurate results. While field sobriety tests are considered fairly accurate, they must be operated properly by trained personnel. Not being calibrated regularly  or being operated by an untrained individual can lead to inaccurate breathalyzer results and a wrongful DUI arrest.

The Federal Motor Carrier Administration lists numerous reasons why a breathalyzer can give an inaccurate reading.

If a defense won’t protect you from conviction, our team of DUI attorneys will explore every option available to give you the most effective defense.  It takes serious legal knowledge to help you beat a DUI. Our team of attorneys serving Oregon has the knowledge necessary to provide you with an effective defense that gives you a greater chance of avoiding a DUI and the many troublesome consequences that goes along with it.

A DUI conviction can impact may aspects of person’s life, often costing several thousands of dollars and sometimes casing a convicted individual to lose their job. The consequences of a DUI go beyond the legal consequences, so anyone facing this charge should contact a DUI lawyer in Portland, Oregon to assist you with your defense. The team of DUI lawyers at USAttorneys will be dedicated to your case and give it the attention it deserves so your case has the best outcome possible. Let us connect you with a defense lawyer today so they can get started on your defense and mitigating the possible consequences.