Orlando, FL- Florida has a lot to offer, sun, plenty of beaches and a bevy of strange folks. We hear a lot of bizarre DUI tales here, but some of the strangest DUI tales hail from the Sunshine state, which confirms our suspicions that Florida is, indeed, a weird place. At least Florida police have something to laugh at once in a while.

Take for instance, the recent DUI arrest of an Orlando woman, who was pulled over last week, after an officer clocked her driving 87 mph in a 70 mph zone, according to the Orlando Sentinel. The police report stated she also had her left arm and leg hanging out to get a feel of the warm ocean breeze, presumably.

As the officer proceeded to pull the driver over she slowed down to 20 mph while she allowed a scarf to dance in the wind, before she let it go.

After the officer asked the woman to step out of the car, she exited and with a “wide stretch of her arms.”  The officer wrote in his report that the woman “appeared high” with a “lights on nobody home” look in her eyes, the Orlando Sentinel reported.

When the officer asked her to put her hands on the rear of her car, she allegedly kneeled down and began whispering a Muslim prayer–no word on whether she was actually facing Mecca.

The woman, who was identified as Leyla Aykin, then told the officer “she wanted to taste me and gaze through me.”

When asked where the she was headed in such a rush, Aykin said she wanted “to taste the ocean” and began chanting and singing.

She was then asked if there was anyone she wanted the officer to contact since he was about to arrest her she replied, “Jesus.”

The officer found a green leafy substance in her vehicle which they assumed was marijuana, but Aykin told them it was “sting (sic) nettle” she drank as a tea. The leafy stuff tested negative for marijuana, but police arrested her for DUI anyway, despite the fact that her blood alcohol level was 0.00 after two tests. A drug recognition expert said she was high on something so that was good enough for police.

While we aren’t psychologists or psychiatrists here, it seems as though this young woman may be having some mental health issues. Huffington Post uncovered some of Aykin’s posts on Facebook that have a faraway, somewhat unbalanced tone to them.

While this story may give you a chuckle, the reality is a DUI is very serious, and certainly no laughing matter; if you’re lucky enough to avoid a jail sentence a DUI will cost you several thousand dollars.  Unless a blood test reveals that Aykin had drugs in her system, police have no grounds to charge her with DUI. While it was probably wise to keep Aykin off the roads that night, a mental health facility might have been the better option.

Without evidence of intoxication, prosecutors and police have no grounds to charge anyone with DUI and with the help of an Orlando DUI attorney the charges will likely be dropped.