Did you know that most of the individuals who drive drunk have engaged in the act more than once? While this is scary enough, many drivers who get away with the criminal act continue to take part in it because they weren’t caught by police the first time. While cops work to find and identify anyone who may be driving while under the influence, it is impossible for them to catch everyone.  That means there are a significant number of drivers out on the roadways that could be driving with a BAC of 0.08% or higher, which is where it becomes illegal.

Oscar De La Hoya has a history with alcohol but his latest account with it will have him in court.

One Legend Struggles to Call It Quits

Although we don’t hear about all the DUI arrests that are made, news broadcasters do cover the accounts when it involves an actor, star, or celebrity. USA Today along with several other news broadcasters shed light on a recent arrest made involving Hall of Fame boxer and CEO of Golden Boy Promotions Oscar De La Hoya. Apparently, De La Hoya has a past with alcohol and it seems his issues with it seemed to have crept back up. He has had two accounts with rehab for this issue and now another to add to the list.

Just a few days ago, the former boxer was pulled over for speeding in his Land Rover on Del Mar Blvd. Once police pulled him over, the officer sensed an odor of alcohol coming from the vehicle which then prompted him to conduct a field sobriety test. Because he had been drinking, he failed the test and was arrested around 1:57 a.m.

According to California Highway Patrol, De La Hoya was operating his vehicle with a BAC level above the legal limit of .08% or greater. His current charges include that and one for driving under the influence of alcohol. They are both misdemeanor charges. He was placed in jail following his arrest but later released to his manager. And like most stars, De La Hoya is more than likely going to hire a DUI attorney in California to represent him throughout his case.

DUI Penalties are Harsh in California

The number of lives taken each day by drunk drivers is shocking. The court system imposes charges and fines to help reduce and deter individuals away from engaging in the act, however, that doesn’t always stop someone. People make mistakes and others feel they are able to drive after having “just a few” drinks. The risk associated with driving drunk outweighs the consequences and that alone serves as a reminder to never take part in the act.

However, if you have already done so and are facing similar charges to De La Hoya, you too may want to hire a Sacramento, CA DUI lawyer nearby as you are going to want to have legal representation who has your back and can work to get your charges possibly reduced. USAttorneys can help you find and retain the perfect DUI attorney that will be understanding to your situation who wants to obtain the best possible outcome for you.