Tallahassee, FL- Former Florida State University player P.J. Williams got a break this week when the Florida State Attorney’s office announced they would drop his DUI charges because of missing dash-cam footage.

The NFL hopeful was pulled over on April 3rd in Tallahassee after a police officer observed him swerving in his lane of travel, stopped at a green light and almost ran into a curb, the Tallahassee Democrat reported. According to the officer’s report, Williams had blood shot eyes and he was slurring his words.

Williams, 21, told officers that he was leaving a local bar and had a few drinks earlier that day but denied being drunk. He refused to participate in field sobriety tests or submit to a breath test.

Officers said Williams was unsteady on his feet as he exited his vehicle but they didn’t catch this on dash-cam video. Prosecutors told the Tallahassee Democrat that juries rely heavily on video footage when trying to decide if a motorist is intoxicated. But during Williams’ arrest, the camera was pointed in the wrong direction and didn’t catch any of the behaviors officers detailed in their arrest report, leaving the prosecution with little evidence for their case.

In documents, the AG’s office said, according the Tallahassee Democrat, that the dash-cam footage captured, “does not provide the jury with visible or audible evidence that would prove this defendant was impaired beyond a reasonable doubt.”

There are many DUI cases in which the prosecution’s evidence is weak or circumstantial at best. In many DUI cases, the prosecution will rely heavily on police observations.  An effective DUI defense attorney will cast doubt on an officer’s observations and possibly help you avoid a DUI conviction.

Williams’ case is not unique; there are numerous occasions in which officers fail to gather enough evidence of has made a mistake during their initial stop of arrest. Plenty of people get wrongfully arrested and charged with an intoxicated driving based solely on an officer’s observations. Or because they were nervous, anxious or intimidated.

If you want to avoid a DUI, you have to be proactive and seek out an esteemed DUI defense attorney to begin working on your case. They will examine the circumstances of your stop and arrest so they can develop and effective defense strategy that will give you the opportunity to avoid a conviction.

At USAttorneys we can put you in touch with a DUI attorney in your area who knows how to build a winning defense so you can avoid the troubling consequences of a DUI conviction. If this is your first DUI you may not realize the long-term consequences of a DUI conviction and may think you can handle your charges on your own. You can’t; only a well-practiced DUI attorney can provide you with a defense that helps you beat a conviction, negotiate for a lesser plea or have the charges against you dismissed. You won’t know the possibilities until you meet with a defense attorney and talk about your case.