Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, What is Considered a Felony DUI?

Anyone who was physically controlling their vehicle or driving while under the influence of alcohol can be charged with a DUI. They will face this charge if their BAC is .08% or more. They can also face this charge if the officer determined they were clearly impaired when operating their vehicle, even if their BAC was under the legal limit.

Those who are caught committing a DUI offense will need to connect with a Palm Beach Gardens DUI defense attorney as soon as possible.  A lawyer will support them and educate them on the legal process, and on all their rights. Based on the personal details of their case, individuals may be able to put together a valid defense, so their charges are reduced. In some cases, individuals may also be able to have their charges dropped entirely.

There are various classes of DUI charges., and they vary based on how intoxicated a person was, and how much damage the person caused in their state of intoxication. The penalties get more severe with subsequent charges. A third DUI offense that occurs within a decade of a previous DUI will instantly be classified as a felony. A fourth charge will also be counted as a felony, regardless of the time the prior charges took place. Another case in which a DUI will be considered a felony is if there were any serious bodily injuries, or death occurred to another person.

Drivers who are charged with a DUI will need to connect with attorneys near me, so they get help with their case, and so they are not left to deal with the complex legal process on their own.

What is the Implied Consent Law in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida?

According to Florida law, all drivers are required to consent to officers when they are asked to undertake a DUI blood or breath test. This is the case because of the implied consent law. Any driver who decides not to follow this will have to face the legal consequences of their actions.

Drivers who do not give consent will have to face one-year license revocation. Their denial can also be used as evidence in court to prove that they really were guilty of a DUI. Facing the legal aftermath of a DUI charge can be scary and intimidating, and no one should have to try and figure everything out on their own. This is where a lawyer can step in and help a person turn their case around for the better.

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