A 50-year old Parish bus driver veered a bus carrying 11 children off the street and into a ditch last week. Initially, John Harvey Bernard claimed he had swayed off the road in order to avoid incoming traffic but investigators were able to conclude that his statement wasn’t true. The students were being transported to Katharine Drexel Elementary School. Thankfully, none of them sustained nay serious life-threatening injuries.

The driver was suspended with pay but he has since resigned from his designation as a bus driver. This resignation was effective Monday.

Bernard was cited for careless operation of a vehicle. Blood samples from the driver were taken to determine blood alcohol content and the results are yet to be declared.

State Rep Henry Burns takes the fight against DUI related accidents to the next level

According to Lafayette LA DUI attorneys, it is quite obvious that Louisiana State rep Henry Burns hasn’t given his proposed bill enough thought. If passed, HB 132 will ban restaurants and bars from serving alcoholic beverages to any customer who cannot prove that they have a designated driver. This designated driver must provide proof to the establishment in the form of a valid, current Louisiana Driver’s license.

Needless to say the bill has an abundant number of opponents who haven’t shied away from making a mockery of it. The bill, they say, will not only treat the citizens of Louisiana like children but will also kill the state’s tourism industry single-handedly.

Lafayette LA DUI attorneys say the bill has no regard for the existence of services such as taxi-cabs and ride-sharing apps like Uber. It also doesn’t take into consideration the fact that in some Louisiana cities, bars, and restaurants are walking distance away from apartments and other types of residences.

39-year old man acquitted of DUI charge

Christopher Allen Baker from Frisco, Texas has successfully appealed the ruling of a Fayetteville District Court and has beaten the prosecutors with a little help from his DUI attorney.

The man was pulled over by a Fayetteville Police Officer on November 24th, 2013 for driving left of center on Lafayette Avenue. The arresting officer mentioned in the arrest report that Baker had shiny, blood bright eyes, sloppy speech, and smelled of intoxicants. He was put into custody for several items including a DUI.

A judge in a district court ruled on the case but Baker fought back for good reason.

No new taxes! STEP, like other government practices, are signs of tyranny

In his consequential jury trial, Baker’s DUI attorney played video footage of his arrest which did not seem to show any signs that Baker was intoxicated at the time. Furthermore, Baker’s attorney also subpoenaed Greg Tabor who is the Fayetteville Police Chief and had him testify about a federal grant protocol called Selective Enforcement Traffic Program (STEP). The defense were successful in proving that the officer that arrested Baker was enrolled in the STEP program.

STEP officers were expected to make two traffic stops in every 60 minute period and one DWI arrest for every eight hour shift. This is what they do in California. This new revelation was crucial in the jury deciding to acquit Baker of his DUI charge. If you need an attorney to fight ridiculous laws like this because the bureaucrats continue to spend too much money and then need law enforcement to bail them out, you need to go to this website (USAttorneys.com) to find the right lawyer for you.

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