Drunk drivers fail to consider the fact that their judgment is impaired and they are unable to make smart decisions when driving under the influence. In many cases, these drivers wind up being the cause of major accidents, resulting in them being faced with DUI charges and requiring the help of a skilled New Jersey DUI attorney.

On December 26, 2016, Louis Yanez made the decision to drive drunk which ultimately led to him facing several charges, including DUI. Only a day after the Christmas holiday, Yanez’s actions caused a horrific collision which resulted in one person dying and another two injured.

Patch.com highlighted that the auto accident occurred on Route 46 near the Garden State Parkway at approximately 5 a.m. It involved Yanez’s 2009 black Infinity and a Honda CRV carrying three individuals. Apparently Yanez was “traveling the wrong way while moving eastbound while in the westbound lane.” The Passaic County Prosecutor’s Office (PCPO) noted that the crash transpired because Yanez was driving while under the influence. Once officials arrived on scene, they reported that the male driver of the CRV didn’t survive the collision and the two other occupants were transported to St. Joseph’s Hospital to receive treatment for their injuries.

Many individuals who are charged with DUI are required to serve jail time for such an offense.

Because Yanez was driving drunk and someone did die as a result of the accident, he had better hope he can hire an experienced Passaic, NJ DUI lawyer who will represent him and his case.

His charges consist of:

  • One count of second-degree death-by-auto
  • Two counts of third-degree assault-by-auto
  • He received motor vehicle summonses for driving while intoxicated and reckless driving.

When an individual is charged with a count of second-degree death-by-auto, they could face between five to 10 years in the New Jersey State Prison. The two counts of third-degree assault-by-auto also means Yanez could be facing an additional three to five years in the New Jersey State Prison. The Superior Court Judge Adam E. Jacobs has set Yanez’s bail at $250,000, however, he has excluded the 10 percent option.

Generally, when a person is taken into custody for a charge, the courts will set a bail amount for them to be temporarily released until their court date. Usually only 10 percent of that amount is what is required to be paid. In Yanez’s case, he is not given that option and would have to put up the full $250,000 to be released out of custody.

In most DUI cases, judges aren’t as lenient with bail, especially when there is death involved. DUI is often a serious matter and the penalties are rather harsh for committing such an offense.

If you or a family member has recently been charged with DUI, USAttorneys.com can help you get connected with a local Passaic, New Jersey DUI attorney who can help you further understand the consequences you may be facing and what your options are.