Pittsburgh, PA- Parents and school administrators put the safety of their children in the hands of bus drivers every day. And for the most part these drivers do everything in their power to make certain children are safe, but on occasion some bus drivers are caught driving under the influence when on duty or when the have children on their bus.

Such is the case of a Pittsburgh man who was arrested Thursday for intoxicated driving. William Jester, 37, was stopped by police at a school building parking lot on Muriel Street. Two detectives observed Jester driving erratically before thy called police to the location.

The police report states that the two detectives saw Jester cross the center lines on Browns Road.  They told officers that Jester almost crashed several times before pulling into the parking lot, WXPI reported.

When police arrived they asked Jester to submit to several sobriety test which he failed. Jester said he had not been drinking, but was taking prescription medications. He was taken to a local hospital for a blood test, WPXI reported.

Luckily for Jester, he did not have any children in the van at the time of incident otherwise he could be facing charges of child endangerment.

Ebony Pugh, a spokeswoman for the Pittsburgh school district told WXPI that Jester was not driving a van used to transport children and that he has been suspended with pay.

Cases involving drunken bus drivers are rare but it happens. Last fall, in New York State, a bus driver carrying a load of five children crashed into the garage of a Long Island home, causing significant damage to both the bus and the home. None of the children were injured.

Many people have the mistaken notion that DUIs are only for drivers who have been drinking, but that isn’t the case. Thousands of drivers face each year face intoxicated driving charges because they are under the influence of prescription drugs or marijuana.

Many legally prescribed drugs adversely affect a person’s driving. Some medications such as pain killers and nerve pills have intoxicating effects. These drugs can affect driver’s ability of react in an emergency situation. These drugs don’t have warning labels from no reason; they are there to warn you of the dangers of driving under their influence.

Don’t think that just because you have a prescription for a drug that it is okay to drive. Anyone caught driving while impaired by prescription drugs are subject to the same penalties as drunken drivers and they will probably spend several hours to a day in jail immediately after their arrest.

DUI offenders in Pennsylvania face jail time and costly fines ranging from $300 to $5,000 depending on whether they have prior. There is also the possibility of losing having their driver’s license suspended. A DUI can also cost a person their job.

DUI offenders need a strong defense to avoid conviction. A Jefferson County DUI attorney will work diligently on your case to assure you won’t face a conviction.