Carbondale, PA- For many Americans, this weekend kicks off the busy Holiday season. That means from now until New Year’s  more people will be on the roads in Pennsylvania. And when there is more traffic, there are more accidents and more drunken drivers on the road. Police in Pennsylvania know this and while they can’t prevent all accidents they can prevent some by aggressively pursuing intoxicated drivers.

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation told the York Daily Record that over the 2013 Thanksgiving Holiday there were 4,638 traffic accidents and 48 fatalities throughout the state. In light of those disturbing statistics, law enforcement agencies across Pennsylvania are ramping up their efforts to make the streets safer through their “Operation Safe Holidays” enforcement program.

Their enforcement strategies will focus on motorists who aren’t wearing their seatbelts. The “Click or Ticket” campaign will begin November 21st and will run throughout the month of December.

“Vehicle crashes are one of the leading causes of death, with most fatalities being attributed to unbelted motorists,” State Police Commissioner Frank Noonan said according to the Daily Record.

Police will also try to keep intoxicated drivers off the road by setting up sobriety checkpoints and roving patrols on Thanksgiving eve. They will continue their ramped up enforcement throughout the month of December.

While there will be many first-time offenders on the road, the holidays also see a spike in repeat drunk drivers. In a 2012, study, Alcohol monitoring Systems, a company that tracks the alcohol usage of repeat DUI offenders found that DUI-related violations increased 54 percent over Thanksgiving weekend.

Aside from the misery of spending the holiday behind bars, a person charged with a DUI in Pennsylvania is facing a host of legal headaches. First, if you are convicted there is the possibility that you could spend some time behind bars if your blood alcohol level exceeds .10. If you are convicted you could lose your license for up to a year and you can expect heavy fines. That conviction will also stay on your record for 10 years so you must be proactive and speak with a Pennsylvania DUI attorney.

For most people, it takes only a few drinks to push them over the legal limit and the reality is that the majority of those charged with a DUI don’t realize they are too impaired to drive. That’s no excuse, but you will pay for a DUI charge.

Any driver who has been charged with a DUI has the opportunity to defend themselves in court and possibly sidestep a conviction. But in order to do this, they must contact a Pennsylvania DUI attorney immediately to begin working on their case. By acting quickly, the accused can give their attorney the time they need to build a convincing case that will help you dodge a conviction and keep their record clean. You’ve already made one mistake by drinking and driving, don’t make another by thinking you don’t need legal representation. Your freedom and future are at stake.