Media, PA- Pennsylvania police are investigating a weekend motorcycle accident involving state Senator Pat Browne as a possible DUI, according to reports.

Browne (R. – Allentown) was traveling along Interstate 78 Sunday afternoon after losing control and skidding on a curved exit ramp, according to the Morning Call. Browne’s motorcycle was the only vehicle involved in the accident.

Browne suffered critical injuries including several broken ribs, a punctured lung and foot injuries.

Now police are investigating the accident as a possible DUI and are waiting for the results of a toxicology test to determine if Browne will be charged.

The Morning Call reports that Sen. Browne has struggled with alcoholism and has two prior DUI charges from the 90s. One of those charges stemmed from a motorcycle accident in 1999. He got his first DUI in New Jersey in 1995 and his second charges from 1999 stemmed from a motorcycle accident.

Since Browne has prior DUI charges and he is a lawmaker, he knows how important it is to have a DUI attorney working on his defense. It is never wise to try and fight a DUI charge without the legal advice of a Pennsylvania DUI attorney; too much is at stake for drivers who are convicted so they need to fight.

Even though many people recognize that drunken driving is dangerous, the do it anyway. Intoxicated drivers rarely consider the fact that their decision to get behind the wheel while they are drunk or high could cause harm to themselves and other motorists. Drivers who are drunk or drugged and harm others are treated harshly by the law, as they should.

A DUI is costly in many ways. Dollar-wise, individuals who are convicted can expect to pay out thousands of dollars in fines, penalties, legal costs, and insurance premiums. Those convicted will have a criminal record which will affect their employment and educational prospects and put their future career ambitions at risk.

The legal headaches are more encompassing that many convicted offenders know or understand. Driving under the influence is a huge mistake, but it would be an even bigger mistake to not get the legal assistance you need. Some people wrongly think that it’s more important to save money than have a defense attorney crafting their defense. Before you decide to tackle a DUI on your own let USAttorneys connect you with a DUI attorney in Media so you have a chance to minimize the impact a DUI arrest and conviction will have on your life.

A person convicted of DUI in Pennsylvania faces jail time, costly fines and could be ordered to install an ignition interlock device in their vehicles. A conviction also means you will have your driver’s license suspended. You need a strong and convincing defense to avoid conviction. If you have been charged with a DUI, you need to set up a consultation with a lawyer today so they can get to work on your defense.