Bloomsburg, PA-There’s nothing funny about a drunk driving or a DUI arrest, but drunks do some pretty off-the-wall things. Take from instance, two clowns from Pennsylvania, one of whom set up a fake DUI checkpoint and another who showed up to a police station drunk.

Police in Lincoln Township arrested a 19-year-old man for drunken driving late Wednesday night after posing as police and setting up a fake DUI checkpoint last weekend. Armed with a BB gun, road flares, flashlights, the man blocked off Route 601 and managed to stop at least one car at his bogus checkpoint.

While the teen had one car detained, the real police showed up. The Associated Press reports that the teen asked the passenger of the car to hold his pistol, telling them, “I can’t get caught with this.”

The teen was arrested and charged with DUI, impersonating a police officer and unlawful detainment among others, according to the Associated Press.

This teen made some major mistakes and he will definitely need to hire a criminal defense attorney to provide him with an effective defense. That’s his best hope for negating his DUI and other criminal charges.

Just a few days later another Pennsylvania man managed to score a DUI arrest when he showed up to get fingerprinted. According to WPXI, a 41-year-old man was drunk when drove to a police station in Dunbar Township and was soon arrested for his second DUI charge.

The man was arrested in January for suspicion of DUI, but he was not formally charged until this week, once police got the results of his toxicology test back. When he showed to get fingerprinted, police could smell alcohol on his breath and he was given a breathalyzer test which showed his blood alcohol concentration was over the legal limit in Pennsylvania.

Drunks make mistakes; that’s why an average of 1.2 million Americans are charged with DUIs each year in spite of the legal hassle they know they are facing. With a DUI charge, an individual is facing jail time, thousands of dollars in the fines, fees and penalties, and could be putting their job in jeopardy. For a second or subsequent DUI, an offender can expect the penalties to double or triple.

Once you are able, USAttorneys suggests you speak with a DUI attorney about your charges, and allow them to begin working on your defense.  They will be honest you about your charges, the consequences you are facing, and how to approach your defense so that you can minimize the consequences. You may be better off if you agree to a plea bargain. Or, a court trial may be your best bet. Your attorney will do whatever gives the greater chance of avoiding conviction.

Your legal counsel will keep you from making mistakes that could impact your case and provide you with a vigorous defense. You won’t regret retaining a DUI attorney to help you navigate your DUI charges and provide you with a strong and convincing defense.