Last Christmas Eve, a Philadelphia off-duty police officer was driving along Passyunk Avenue when he hit another vehicle and attempted to flee the scene. While he thought he would get away without anyone knowing he caused the collision, the occupants of the car tracked him down. When they stopped him, he proceeded to pull out his service gun, pointing it at the victims, and then took off again, according to CBS Philadelphia.

The officer was identified as 36-year-old Kevin Klein, who was a nine-year veteran on the force. Not only did he flee the scene of the crash, which is known as a hit and run accident, but he was also driving while under the influence. Although Klein was suspended for 30 days, with the intent to dismiss, it was just reported that he has also been charged with assault and DUI. Luckily for the officer, it seems as though he isn’t being charged for trying to flee the scene of an accident he caused.

Because drunk drivers are heavily frowned upon, Klein could be looking at the following penalties for the DUI given he has no prior DUI convictions and his BAC level was between .08 to .99%:

  • A misdemeanor charge placed on his record.
  • Up to six months of probation.
  • A $300 fine.
  • Required to attend alcohol highway safety school.
  • Required to seek treatment if ordered to do so.

Klein will likely be faced with other consequences for pulling out his service weapon while off-duty and for no good reason.

What are the penalties for DUI if it is a second offense?

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While is it likely that this charge is Klein’s first, there are plenty of other DUI offenders out there who have been arrested for the same crime for the second time. If you were arrested in Philadelphia for DUI and you have a prior offense on your record, you are looking at the following penalties:

  • Having a misdemeanor charge placed on your record.
  • Losing your driving privileges for 12 months.
  • Required to spend between five days to six months in jail.
  • Pay a $300 to $2,500 fine.
  • Attend alcohol highway safety school.
  • Receive treatment when ordered.
  • Have an ignition interlock placed in your vehicle for one year.

[Source: Pennsylvania Department of Transportation].

With New Year’s coming up in a just a few days, remember that this is the time when many individuals attempt to drive drunk, which means officers will be out patrolling and monitoring roadways to spot these intoxicated drivers. So, rather than be faced with a DUI charge this holiday season, make alternate plans to ensure you don’t have to get behind the wheel of your vehicle drunk.

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