Philip Cho Termed a Coward by the Victim’s Father After Abandoining Scene of the DUI Related Crash

A coward is what the father of 25 year old Kelsey Ibach of Lakeview had to say about 28-year-old Philip Cho, who in a case of drunken driving abandoned four passengers in his BMW who were seriously hurt. Following a night of partying at The MID on Sept. 13th, the gutless man, to say the least, sped off a bridge along the 700 block of West Erie Street and plummeted 45 feet to the ground onto a set of railroad tracks at 4 am.

Despite pleas from Ibach and other passenger to call 911, Cho suggested that they blame the crash on a carjacker and fled the scene in a cab to his home in Naperville.

Why party with someone like this though?

Cho’s passengers fervently appealed for him to slow down. However, in an inebriated state he chose to speed along Erie. The crash has left Kelsey Ibach paralyzed from the waist down. Much of Cho’s unusual request has been caught on tape. According to Kelsey’s father Bob Ibach, Cho requested his injured co-passengers to lose the keys and make it look like a hijacking.

Senior Ibach said he isn’t able to comprehend how someone could abandon people who were seriously injured and hop a cab back to Naperville, despite their pleas to call 911. He said his daughter wished to die until the paramedics arrived, which increased her will to live. One passenger’s thumb was severed while another suffered a broken vertebra.

Cho should be locked up for a long time 

While the injured passengers were stranded in the 2008 BMW, a tow truck driver was the first to call the police. Kelsey’s spinal cord was severely damaged in the crash. Cho’s DUI attorney has refused to comment so far. Cho has been charged with failing to report the accident and also for speeding, and is held on a $200,000 bond.

Bob Ibach’s anger is all but understandable. He said he would have been more compassionate towards Cho if he did not abandon his co-passengers. He said Kelsey’s spirits were up despite undergoing three surgeries and was confident to walk again. According to Cook County Judge Peggy Chiampas who held Cho on a $200,000 bond and charged Cho with leaving the scene of an accident with injuries, the defendant has left a young lady a paraplegic due to his irresponsible actions.

Why was that young lady hanging out with someone like Cho though? Perhaps Cho should be allowed to live and work but he must pay half his income to Kelsey for the rest of his life. Well, he may take off to another country so the 30 years in prison is probably better.

According to prosecutors, CHO works as a club promoter for The MID in an unofficial capacity and is rewarded with drinks for bringing customers to the club. Law enforcement obtained a warrant for footage from video surveillance cameras at the club following the crash. Kelsey Ibach has also suffered broken ribs and was pulled out from the wreck by one of the other injured passengers. The Ibach family is now focusing on Kelsey’s recovery and has requested for help in meeting her medical bills through a campaign.

Cho harmed society

Coward Cho turned himself in the following day and is now the subject of a 2008 DUI charge, which is one of the major reasons why he is said to have abandoned the scene of the crash. Charges for the 2008 DUI were dismissed for reasons that have not yet been determined. That Cho is a coward is something everyone will have no hesitation in agreeing on though.