Henadz Nazarchuk from Brooklyn has been arrested and charged with a DUI. The 35-year old was spotted napping in an 18-wheel tractor. As reported by Newsday, the vehicle was stopped on the right hand side shoulder of the Sunrise Highway but the engine was still running. The arresting officers from Suffolk County Police Department noticed Nazarchuk asleep at the wheel of the enormous vehicle that was parked pointing in an easterly direction.

The tractor has been confirmed to be property of Crown Petroleum Transportation. To make things even more potentially hazardous, the vehicle was transporting considerable amounts of volatile fuel. The man awaits his court hearing at the first district court in Central Islip.

Mother faces multiple DUI related charges for driving drunk with her children in the car

29-year old Benigna Pinedamata was already on probation when she was arrested again for drunken driving. She confessed to having consumed a shot and a beer before driving to pick up her child from kindergarten, according to an NBC report.

She was pulled over not by an officer but instead by a security guard who had watched her drive onto the sidewalk and almost hit a school bus, the guard smelled alcohol on her person and proceeded to call the police.

Man charged with second degree manslaughter and DUI pleads guilty

Nearly 10 months after the accident that killed his passenger. Brian Friedrichs has now pleaded guilty to all charges. He confessed to being drunk when he drove at speeds of 120 mph moments before the crash. Friedrich is from Levittown. His breathalyzer test came back with a reading of 0.14, which is almost twice the legal limit of 0.8.


The impact of the crash caused both Friedrich and his passenger to be thrown out of the car. According to DUI attorneys, due to the nature of his crime and the fact that he pleaded guilty, that he will be sentenced to prison time ranging from a minimum of 4 years to a maximum of 12 years.

New Yorker drives drunk despite being told not to by judge just moments prior to his arrest

44 year old J.B. Silverthorn finds himself facing a felony charge after disregarding the judges warning.

Silverthorn – no way! Not smart!

He was in court on Monday night and was found guilty of DUI. Initially, Silverthorn had to be rescued by emergency responders after he had crashed his car into the Niagara River while driving drunk. After being found guilty and sentenced for his crime, the judge told Silverthorn specifically not to attempt to drive back home from court as the judge had been told he was drunk by people who had smelled alcohol on his person.

Silverthorn left the court house and proceeded to do exactly what he was told not to. He didn’t get very far. Deputies pulled him over and arrested him again.

Drunk Driving penalties in the state of New York

It is no secret that prosecutors do everything they can to charge drunken drivers to the full extent possible. According to Suffolk County DUI attorneys, if convicted for a DWI in New York you may expect the prosecution to hit you with everything they’ve got. Hiring an attorney using USAttorneys.com may save most of this trouble for you. This is a monumental website making waves in the online legal community.

Some of the consequences of being convicted for a DWI are – increased insurance premiums, installation of interlock device on cars (at your expense), fines, prison time and even temporary or permanent loss of license depending on the extent of your crime.