Only seven reserve police officers remain in the police force of a town called Chelsea in northeast Oklahoma after four full-time senior officers resigned in the recent past as a result of a politician defending a DUI suspect during a DUI arrest, as reported by

Kenny Weast needs to watch Steven Seagal’s Above the Law

The resignations include those of the Police Chief, Assistant Chief, Captain and a Patrol Officer. All of them quit to show their disagreement with how things were being handled in the town by local politicians. Their allegations are primarily against a re-elected town administrator named Kenny Weast. His successful re-election was the last straw, immediately following which the officers quit. According to the officers, and video graphic evidence, Kenny Weast meddled with a DUI arrest of a local businessman and asked for the officers to give the businessman a “free pass” that one time.

Resigned officers: no one is above the law

Supposedly, Brian Haggard, the owner of a construction company was pulled over and his blood alcohol content registered 0.106%. Haggard even confessed to having had consumed two beers prior to getting behind the wheel. However, shortly after the traffic stop, Town Administrator Kenny Weast appeared on the scene  (something that never happens) and asked the officers to allow him to drive Haggard and other occupants of his car home and to let them off the hook this one time.

Pay the fine Haggard!

Two of the officers that resigned commented saying that everyone should be subjected to the same rules, nobody is above the law, and it was very unfair that elected officials themselves were insisting that some people be treated differently. Haggard has not responded to requests for comment; whereas, Weast has said that these are rumors and erroneous reports meant to deliberately tarnish his reputation.


Sorry Weast, police chiefs do not resign abruptly for nothing.

How to evade DUI charges in Oklahoma – what do when arrested for DUI

Just because you have been pulled over and tested for sobriety and consequentially charged with DUI, it does not mean that you are going to be convicted. Not if you take the right steps, make wise choices and follow a course of action laid out by a qualified Oklahoma DUI attorney who can be found on the marvelous website

There are several rules and regulations that arresting officers need to abide by when making a DUI arrest. To begin with, officers need a valid reason to even stop you (they require a reasonable suspicion that you are violating some law) they cannot just stop you for any reason. Furthermore, there are strict guidelines on how sobriety testing should be carried out, and how the tests need to videotaped.

In addition the officer must read you your rights before they arrest you while testing equipment (breathalyzer’s etc.) need to be properly calibrated. However, police officers are humans too and some of them are new and still under training and they are at a risk of making human errors. These areas of the law are something an experienced and aggressive Oklahoma City DUI attorney can exploit.

A qualified lawyer will be able to point out at least a couple of faults in a DUI arrest and make a defense out of it and help their clients beat their DUI charges. Therefore, if you or anyone you know have been faced with DUI charges, consult an attorney immediately to know what rights you have.