Florida State Representative Dane Eagle

Detroit, MI- We may think police, judges, and politicians should live up to a higher standard than most of us, but they reality is many of these esteemed individuals are just as likely to make a mistake as the rest of us. That’s the case of a Detroit City Councilman who was busted for driving under the influence over the weekend.

After receiving an anonymous tip, Detroit police arrested City Councilman Scott Benson for DUI Sunday night when he was found passed out behind the wheel at a stop light on Southfield Road. Benson was taken to the hospital where his blood was drawn, but it will take a few weeks before the results are available.

Once the results of the blood test are processed, the results will be given to prosecutors for indictment. Benson’s vehicle was impounded and there is some speculation that he was driving a city-owned vehicle at the time of  his arrest.

As of Monday morning, Benson was still being held on misdemeanor DUI charges.

In a statement, Mayor Mike Duggan and Council President said, “We have recently learned that misdemeanor charges are being sought against Councilman Scott Benson. We have no first-hand facts about the matter and we will not speculate.”

Benson’s trouble is just ahead of him, while the Florida representative who was arrested for driving under the influence after leaving a Taco Bell drive-thru in April will soon put his charges behind him.

Last week, Florida State Representative Dane Eagle, a Republican from Cape Coral, pleaded guilty to reckless driving after his DUI charges were reduced.

Rep. Eagle was driving nearly 10 miles over the speed limit and was arrested after he ran a red-light in Tallahassee just after 2 a.m. Police noted in their report that Eagle smelled of alcohol.

Eagle refused to take a blood test and had his license suspended immediately, though he has been allowed to drive to work.

He agreed to a plea bargain which requires he be on probation for the next six months and do community service. Eagle will also be subjected to random alcohol testing, but he won’t have a DUI on his record.

“First, I want to again apologize to my constituents, family, and friends for the embarrassment this whole ordeal has caused. Today, I am very pleased to let you know that we can finally put this entire matter behind us,” Eagle said in a statement, according to the Tampa Bay Times.

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