Adam Daszkal, 18, accused of reckless driving and causing serious body injury in the March 23rd, 2013 crash that ended Canadian motorcyclist Camil Paquet’s life, has been given a lighter sentence by a Palm Beach Circuit Court judge following a plea deal.

Canadian father of two children and resident of Pompano Beach

A two year old court case comes to an end with a plea deal that reduced Boca Raton teenager Adam Daszkal’s charges of DUI manslaughter to reckless driving. Incredible and worrisome according to many.

Adam Daszkal, 18, admitted to the police that he had smoked marijuana before the crash occurred. Since then he has been facing a trial for DUI manslaughter for the death of Camil Paquet, 65, a Canadian grandfather who spent his winters at Pompano Beach.

After negotiations between the DUI attorneys for the defendant and the plaintiffs lawyers the charges of DUI manslaughter has been reduced to reckless driving causing serious body injury and possession of 20 grams of marijuana. According to Fort Lauderdale DUI attorneys, sentencing under the circumstances is what could be expected.

The victim’s daughter agreed to the sentencing

Daszkal has been sentenced to five years of probation, 250 hours of community service, suspension of driver’s license for one year and random drug and alcohol testing. The reduced sentencing has been accepted by the victim’s two daughters says Asst. State Attorney Laura Laurie.

Judge John Kastrenakes approved this sentence and withheld conviction from Daszkal’s records so long as he does not violate his probation requirements. Failure to do so will result in a five year prison sentence on reckless driving charges.

Recap of crash and the lawsuit

After the crash the victim’s two daughters Valerie and Isabelle Paquet who are also co-representatives of their father’s estate reached a settlement with Adam Daszkal and his parents Michael and Lisa Daszkal on Dec. 23rd, which was approved by the Circuit Court Judge L. Phillips. However, the terms of the lawsuit were not disclosed.

The fateful crash occurred on the afternoon of 23rd March, 2013 at 1:15 pm, in the 800 block of East Palmetto Park Road. As per court records, 16 year old Daszkal, a student of North Broward Preparatory School was driving two of his friends to the beach in his father’s blue 2008 Infinity G35. On the way, when making a U-turn he crashed into a 2012 Harley Davidson ridden by Paquet. As per witnesses, Paquet was tossed into the air and sustained severe head injuries on impact with the ground. He was not wearing a helmet and later died at the Delray Medical Center.

At the scene of the crash Daszkal volunteered to the police that he was under the influence of marijuana. His two friends corroborated his story. At the trial when Daszkal’s DUI attorney tried to stop this remark from being heard by the jury, Judge Kastrenakes denied his motion and allowed the prosecution to use the statement saying that it did not violate the defendant’s rights as he had volunteered the statement to the police.

According to Dazkal’s DUI attorney, his client denied that he was impaired while driving. He also said that he appreciated the State Attorney’s fair and professional consideration of the evidence. So Daszkal killed someone while driving sober and with a clear mind? So that makes it better?