Due to the complexities of most DUI cases, they are extremely difficult to win as any Nashville, TN DUI lawyer will tell you. For the most part, there are many obstacles to winning DUI cases. These obstacles can have defendants lose their driver’s licenses, pay hefty fines, watch their insurance bills skyrocket, and have an adverse impact on their career and limit their job aspirations.

Here are some of the obstacles that often make DUI cases that much tougher. Before we get to the meat of this content, there is something that can make your DUI situation much easier. The ability to find prenominal legal help on such short notice is within your grasp. With this website, https://usattorneys.com/, you can make sure your legal situation does not have any holes in it.

Case can’t be won

Assuming that your case cannot be won is one of the obstacles in winning a DUI case. The first thing a police official does after stopping a suspected drunk driver is to make him/her take a breath test. After receiving the result of the test as well as the police report, some attorneys may simply abandon all efforts and counsel their client to plead guilty.

However, according to Tennessee DUI attorneys, every aspect of these tests has possible inherent flaws which can make a huge difference. In fact the results of any breath test might be challenged by resorting to a Motion to Suppress, by cross examining the concerned police officer, or state’s expert or evidence of your sobriety. In most cases the case is dismissed. Therefore, pleading guilty before the case has hardly begun, is something that most lawyers do not recommend.

Failure to fight suspension of driving license

All states lay down strict guidelines for the administration of breath tests with their own complex procedures. If any of these procedures are flawed, your DUI case can potentially be dismissed. For this, the arresting officer is usually questioned by the defendant’s DUI legal representative, soon after the arrest when the officer’s recollection of events is still fresh in his memory and most accurate.


Referring to the training manual for roadside breath tests

There exists a training manual with comprehensive instructions for law enforcement that conducts field sobriety tests. In most cases, the police do not follow directions consistent with the instructions in the manual. The police officer all too often simply decides subjectively whether a suspect failed the test or not.

According to Nashville, Tennessee DUI defense lawyers, every sagacious legal pro will have comprehensive knowledge of the training manual. This is what helps them determine what questions to ask of the arresting officer to find out if the guidelines in the training manual were followed. This can be strong evidence and one of the key factors to look for in any DUI defense.

Hire a Tennessee DUI lawyer

If you have been charged with DUI, make sure to call and secure legal help right away. To begin with, you only have 10 days to prevent your driving license from being revoked. You need the assistance of a legal representative who is not only well versed with the state’s DUI laws but also with building solid defense strategies and the right Motion to Suppress.

Your legal counselor will work tirelessly to help you throughout the entire DUI defense process. You can find one of the best in the business right here. This person may not be Jake Brigance from A Time to Kill or Lt. Daniel Kaffee from A Few Good Men but it certainly could be. This site is loaded with top tier talent.