A woman was arrested after calls came in and reported that she was driving erratically and crashed into multiple vehicles before fleeing the scene, as reported by NBC. Loudon County, VA DUI lawyers know that society is not too happy with this woman.

Law enforcement officers responded to the calls and were eventually able to find the suspect seated in her now incapacitated car and she was clearly drunk.

When asked to step outside, the suspect did not cooperate and according to the officer’s testimony, she even attempted to assault one of the law enforcement officers who was in the process of placing her under arrest.

The suspect has been identified as 35 year old Aaliyah Mahasin Saahir. The car accident/s occurred in the proximity of Dale Boulevard and Minnieville Road close to Woodbridge, a town in Prince William County.

She was driving a 1999 make Chevrolet Suburban and multiple people had called in reporting that it was being driven erratically. The suspect, officers say might have also been under the influence of PCP and not just alcohol.

The police report details that she did not step outside of the SUV when instructed to by the officers and then tried to hit an officer who was in the process of placing her under arrest, which is obviously going to increase the penalties and punishment according to leading DUI lawyers in Ashburn, VA.

She now faces charges including DUI, reckless driving, attempted assault, resisting arrest, and driving without a license. She was inflicted with a minor head injury and received treatment for the same but is said to be in a stable medical condition. Some people believe if she is a newly arrived immigrant she could be deported. She does not seem to be an asset to society.

The prosecution pointed out that this was not the first time she has had a run in with the law. Supposedly, it is her second DUI related arrest in the past ten years, which is likely to impact her current charges explain Loudon County, VA DUI attorneys.

Joint Trial for Two Drunken Drivers Who Hit each other Now Underway

The defendants in the case are 33 year old Dennis Brito and 32 year old Charles Hazer. As reported by wavy.com, they allegedly were both drunk when they crashed at the intersection between Newtown Road and Greenwich road back in April of 2015.

Both face charges of involuntary manslaughter while Brito also faces charges of refusal to submit to sobriety tests. Hazer also has disorderly conduct added to his charge sheet. Ashburn, VA DUI lawyers caution that refusal to submit to sobriety tests results in automatic suspension of the suspect’s driving license for one year.

The accident led to the death of 33 year old Heidi Friedman who was a passenger in Brito’s car while four people were injured. Do not drive with a drunk driver!

It looks like both of these drivers were made for each other. You do not want to drive drunk.

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