DUI laws vary per state, but if this is your first offense, you may not know that which is why you will want to have a licensed and practiced attorney by your side when confronted with this kind of criminal charge. Though being charged already puts you in a compromising position, poor handling of the case could easily worsen your situation. To avoid this, we recommend relying on the knowledge and expertise of attorneys such as those at Ballard Law who have years upon years of experience when it comes to defending their clients in a court of law. They, more than anyone are informed on the differences in traffic laws per state and the specific ramifications you will be facing after having broken the law in your state. Navigating the case without this helping hand can make your situation more difficult, leading to your own demise.

How Can a Criminal Defense Expert Assist You in a DUI Case?

According to a recent Chron article, “a criminal defense attorney has a duty to zealously represent her client by taking all reasonable steps to prepare a viable defense. She must gather facts, interview witnesses, review police reports, subpoena documents, and research precedents and statutes. Attorneys may also request courts to consider new and novel interpretations of existing law to support their client’s interests. Attorneys should be prepared to examine witnesses at trial and to prepare compelling arguments for judges and juries.” Whether or not the attorney in charge of your case will have to resort to some of these tactics and follow through with some of these duties, will depend on the circumstances of your case. Nonetheless, in any criminal defense case, regardless of the specific circumstances, clients will want to and need to count on the assistance of experienced and skilled attorneys who are prepared to carry on with any of the aforementioned responsibilities.

What Happens to DUI First-Time Offenders?

The consequences of being charged with a DUI will vary depending your case. If you are a first-time offender your case will likely be handled differently than if you are a third time offender who hurt someone while driving under the influence. The National College for DUI Defense, outlines some of the court and state penalties for impaired driving offenses, which include “a fine of $250 to $1,000 plus state assessments and court costs for first-time offenders, along with a maximum period of 2 days in jail, although a “victim impact panel” (VIP) may be substituted in lieu of jail, attendance at an alcohol safety education program in Mississippi; this is known as the Mississippi Alcohol Safety Education Program (MASEP) – a 12 hour program that must be completed within 6 months of sentencing.” In addition to this, first-time offenders can expect driving license suspensions and restriction to driving privileges.

For those who are charged with a first-time offense, we suggest that you get in touch with a criminal defense attorney in Jackson, Mississippi right away by calling Ballard Law at (769) 572-5111.

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