In Tunkhannock Township , PA. police authorities have arrested an attorney for DUI charges while he is awaiting trial for other DUI related offences committed previously. The nature and frequency of his drunken driving violations has made prosecutors file documents claiming that allowing the serial offender to drive his car out on the roads freely like a normal man is tantamount to creating a dangerous situation.

Prosecutors believe that the attorney: 55 year old John D. Nardone is a threat not only to the other drivers on the road but also to himself given his penchant for chugging down alcohol as if it was indeed ambrosia.

Driver almost hit a police car in drunken state

Nardone, who is based in Kingston was arrested in August of this year in Tunkhannock Township when he almost crashed into a police car. Prosecutors have filed a petition for revoking or modifying the bail that he was given in his previous DUI conviction citing the almost head-on crash in Overfield Township as reason enough to not trust Nardone to drive safely anymore.

When Nardone was pulled over by the police officers, he had alcohol breath and glassy, severely bloodshot eyes that gave away his physical state easily. He told the police that he was experiencing trouble breathing and hearing and he even asked for pen and paper to be able to communicate with the officers who were arresting him. When he took the breath analyzer test, it registered at 0.163, slightly more than double the nationally recognized BAC limit of 0.08.

12 year old was in the car at the time of arrest

This is not the extent of his crimes. On the day in August when he was arrested by Tunkhannock Township police, Nardone also had a 12 year old child in the car with him as passenger. He was charged with various counts including a driving under the influence charge, and charges of careless driving and child endangerment. He was taken to a local jail but was later released on a bail of $5,000.

At the time of this arrest, Nardone was free of his own recognizance in a previous DUI case at a traffic stop in Dallas. According to DUI Dallas attorneys, the Kingston attorney was arrested on June 26th, 2013, when he was speeding and almost hit a stone wall before he was somehow stopped.

Habitual DUI needs to be stopped, say prosecutors

Dallas DUI lawyers say that even in that case, the man was found with drunken and slurry speech and glassy bloodshot eyes. It was clear to anyone who saw him that Nardone was not in a state to be behind the wheels and now that he has committed almost a similar violation, it is imperative that his alcohol addiction be understood and he be barred from driving freely on the roads.

The arrest in Dallas was incidentally Nardone’s second DUI arrest. His first was in 2007 when he allegedly went off the road and hit a rock wall. The charges in that case were later dismissed, but this time around prosecutors are serious about keeping the serial offender locked up and away from his vehicle for own good and the rest of society.

Nardone, what are you thinking?!