Being accused of DUI is a scary thing which is why it is important to speak with a skilled Mount Laurel DUI attorney following any charges being placed on your record.

When a police officer pulls a driver over, they first need to have reasonable suspicion that a crime is being committed. Some common reasons for an officer to pull a motorist over for the suspicion of DUI include the driver showing certain signs such as swerving, failing to adhere to traffic stops, or speeding. In other instances, an officer may be conducting a DUI checkpoint where they stop vehicles to determine whether or not the driver is under the influence or not. DUI checkpoints are usually setup during the holidays, over the weekends, and during special events.

But what if you are pulled over and had maybe one or two drinks before heading home? What is to be expected during a DUI stop and what type of behavior is recommended to follow? DUI attorneys in Mount Laurel, NJ would probably agree that it may not be the best idea to display any signs to the officer that you had something to drink.

Tips to follow during the DUI traffic stop

Some other things that you may consider doing if stopped during a DUI checkpoint or a routine traffic stop include:

  • Remain seated in your vehicle until the police officer provides you with further instructions. Many people find themselves being charged with several different offenses other than the one they were pulled over for simply because they didn’t stay in their vehicle.
  • Try to stay calm and avoid acting suspicious. It is often difficult for a drunk driver to look innocent when they know they could be facing a DUI charge, however, it is always advisable to steer away from engaging in any behavior that may have the officer thinking you are more intoxicated than you are.
  • When the officer provides you with instructions, follow them. Provide the police officer with any documentation they ask for to avoid any charges of resisting an officer’s requests.

What are your rights?

As a citizen of New Jersey, you do have the right to refuse a BAC test. Of course you have to consider the consequences that follow when you elect to make this decision, but if you feel you have had too much or taking the test may place you in more trouble than you may already be in, consider your options.

Should I hire a DWI/DUI attorney in NJ if I am accused of driving drunk?

If you neglect to take a breathalyzer test or any other form of test that checks your BAC levels, you more than likely will face some sort of charge. To help you better understand the laws and your rights in the event this happens, you are going to want to hire or at least consult with a local Mount Laurel DUI lawyer immediately. They can explain the options you have going forward, provide you with advice as to what is the best choice to make, and help you along throughout this entire process. can recommend some of the best lawyers in the state of New Jersey so give them a call today if you are facing a DUI charge.