The onus of not drinking when behind the wheel is something that only an individual can ensure. However, the parents of a Raleigh teenager who was killed in a DUI crash think otherwise. The couple has filed a lawsuit against Ridgewood Wine and Beer Company of Raleigh and Parizade from Durham, and the Wake County Alcohol Beverage Control Board.

As reported by, they allege that the companies supplied and served alcohol to under-aged people that included their son, Jonathan Taylor, at the wedding reception they attended. Raleigh, North Carolina DUI lawyers are over this case and want the culprits to be punished.

But no one made your young adult children (they are adults who cannot legally drink) actually drink the alcohol right?


Parents file multiple lawsuits

On the night of June 28th, 2014, Taylor, after a drinking spree at the reception, crashed into a tree close to his home in north Raleigh. He had also reportedly visited an ABC store in Cameron Village that evening and purchased a bottle of Jack Daniels. His blood alcohol content after the crash registered .20%, which according to Raleigh, North Carolina DUI attorneys is well over twice the legal limit of .08 percent in North Carolina. The family is seeking $25,000 in damages from each defendant.

They have also filed a criminal lawsuit against Charles and Kimberley Matthews, the couple who hosted the wedding reception that night at their home on Vance Street, near Five Points. Their son, Thomas Matthew, 19, also faces charges for purchasing the alcohol from the ABC store after he admitted to the fact. He pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge of one count of underage purchase of alcohol. According to prosecutors, the EMS had to be called as one of the teens passed out at the party.

Apparently that teenager’s parents did not teach them that much about alcohol intake.

Couple charged after serving alcohol; plead not guilty to all charges

As reported by Cosmopolitan, the attorneys for Dr. Charles Matthews and his wife argued that his clients did not give permission to the kids to drink. However, the prosecution claimed it was obvious that they were underage and should not have had access to alcohol. Mary Anna Ergsh, one of the teens to testify at the trial, said that no one attempted to limit them even though they tried to get hold of as much alcohol as they could.

So apparently they are extremely immature teenagers!

Taylor is reported to have texted his state trooper father, Greg, requesting him to pick him up. However, by the time he got to the Matthews’ house, Jonathan had already left in his car. The couple eventually found their son at the scene of the accident. Investigations revealed that he was traveling at around 89 mph when he hit the tree and died on the spot. The Matthews couple have pleaded not guilty to all charges.

North Carolina DUI sentencing

According to Raleigh, North Carolina DUI lawyers who are listed on the wonderful website of, individuals can face a wide range of sentences and penalties if convicted for a DUI. First time offenders could face community service, fines up to $200 and court costs, probation, and enrollment in a substance abuse program. In most cases, the defendant’s driver’s license can also be suspended for a year.

State DUI laws are structured in six levels from the most severe (Aggravated Level One) to the least severe (Level Five). Whatever your charge, it is always prudent to consult an experienced North Carolina DUI attorney who will work aggressively to get the best possible result in your case.