The Nevada Highway Patrol has arrested rapper and reality TV star Flavor Flav on suspicion of DUI, driving with a suspended license, driving a vehicle with a suspended registration, speeding, having an open container of alcohol in the vehicle, and possession of marijuana. The rapper who became famous when he was part of the group Public Enemy has also taken part in reality shows.

No large clocks in prison!

And no, Flavor Flav cannot wear his large necklace clock in prison.

According to the Nevada Highway Patrol spokesperson, Trooper Loy Hixson, another trooper first spotted the 56-year-old rapper speeding on the Interstate 15 a little after midnight. The BMW was moving north near the Blue Diamond Road travelling at 73 mph in a 45 mph zone. It then speeded up to 87 mph in a 55 mph zone. When the vehicle was stopped the trooper reported that Flav was driving under the influence and had marijuana and an open container of alcohol with him.

Flav was pulled over as his car entered the I-15 near the McCarran International Airport. It is not smart to put yourself in this position but if you do make a mistake there is some sort of resource. The site has a list of several local attorneys that know this domain and are ready to help you dig yourself out of this hole.


Flav, whose legal name is William Drayton Jr, has posted bond for $7,000 and is likely to be released soon. He was taken to the Clark County Detention Center and charged with six misdemeanors.

Results of a blood alcohol test administered to determine how intoxicated the rapper was at the time of the arrest have yet to come in.

Multiple state issues

While Flav’s lawyer refused to comment on the charges, this is not his first brush with law. Flav is currently battling speeding charges in New York, where he has pled not guilty. He was stopped when he was caught speeding in January 2014 while on his way to his mother’s funeral. If convicted of that charge Flav faces up to four years in prison. Flav’s lawyer is awaiting all details of the current charges before she comments.

Apart from this Flav was charged with threatening the then 17-year-old son of his girlfriend with a kitchen knife. That domestic abuse charge was reduced after he agreed to undergo counseling and probation.

Legal representation

Most states including Nevada have strict DUI laws to prevent drunk driving. When a person is accused of drunk driving, they need to immediately retain the services of an experienced Las Vegas, Nevada DUI lawyer who will examine the evidence against them.

If you or a near one has been charged with drunk driving, the lawyer will ensure that your rights are protected and that only legally admissible evidence is used against you. For instance, if some of the evidence was not collected in a legal manner or if there is some question of authenticity of the blood tests administered, then this evidence cannot be presented in court.

When you retain the services of an experienced Las Vegas, Nevada DUI attorney, they will work to minimize the evidence against you and might be able to get the prosecution to reduce the charges that you are facing. This can help you in regards to the DUI penalties imposed since a DUI conviction can lead to severe fines, imprisonment, and so on.