Georgia is a southern state. Southern states are not too severe on folks who are caught up in a DUI. This could change though in the future but right now the penalties are not too tough.

Not only are states like California terrible when it comes to a DUI, the state is broke so police hand out DUI tickets to folks who really do not deserve them and who even drove home without breaking any laws (besides having a couple of beers) and who made it home without any harm whatsoever. Now these cases do not make the headlines but it happens and there is not much even the best DUI attorneys can do about it.


If you obtain a DUI in Georgia for the first time you are looking at spending one day in jail and it could be up to a year. The latter would probably not happen, not even close. You are looking at a fine at anything between $300 to $1,000. A 2nd DUI and you are sitting at $600 to a $1,000 fine which is not really an increase at all. You may have to sit in jail for about 3 days and if the DUI is a heinous one, involving a serious wreck or so, you could be in prison for a year.

Time to Reflect

Those fines though could be heavy if your income is not that spectacular. America is still mired in a recession so you certainly do not want to receive a 3rd offense since the fines could be around $1,000 to $5,000 and you are probably going to do at least 2 weeks in prison, basically a half a month or more. If you receive a 4th DUI, not even your DUI lawyer is going to be able to keep you out of prison for a while. You are looking at least a year behind bars so you can recollect your mistakes and contemplate the choices you have made.

But even if you are in hot water with the state you are not alone because the Atlanta police just nailed two DUI drivers in the same sequence. Neither name is mentioned but one of them is suspected of carrying out a hit and run on a police officer! The police officer was good to go but he did have some rib pain according to Captain Janet Vincent of the Atlanta police department.

The police officer was on duty doing his job when a black car pulled out of a parking lot around 3:20 am on Peachtree Road that is not far from Peachtree Battle. The driver did not seem to care who he hit; he just kept on moving as if nothing happened at all.

This police cruiser was hit by a Sierra truck.

Two DUI Drivers Collide

But the driver of this black car did not make it far after he hit a GMC Sierra pick-up truck which forced the truck to hit the Atlanta police car. He went for about a quarter of a mile before OnStar and modern technology tracked him down. The airbag shot out because of the collision and when OnStar tried to contact the driver who failed to respond, 911 was called. The driver probably knew he was in for some serious trouble then. Or perhaps not!

But actually the driver had the wherewithal to realize his mistakes. He was trying to get away even when police approached his vehicle while in their police cruisers. Whomever this truck driver is, his DUI attorneys have their work cut out for them.

Guilty for Sure!

The driver of the car was also arrested and his DUI status has all but been confirmed. Both drivers were probably drunk according to the police and the driver of the Sierra will be hit up with hit and run and leaving the scene of an accident charges. Field sobriety tests were given to both drivers and the outcomes are bleak for them. It looks like the law just caught two DUI drivers in the same accident connection!