Being caught in possession of drugs can dramatically alter the course of your life. The laws have been designed to impose strict penalties on those who commit serious offenses, not to mention that a criminal record can greatly impact any possibilities to succeed in a professional setting. Nevertheless, there are ways of strategically navigating the obstacles of a criminal charge. Reaching out to an experienced and knowledgeable criminal defense attorney in Fort Lauderdale is the best way to go about confronting such a major trial, as attorneys are fully equipped to handle a variety of cases with the determination and sagacity needed.

What’s to be Gained from Expert Criminal Defense?

Criminal defense attorneys have one objective and that is to defend their clients in a court of law. To do so successfully they must run through a series of important steps and consult with legal experts. Some of these steps according to Study include “meeting with the client, hearing an explanation of his or her situation, and explaining the legal options, which often include going  to trial or making a plea agreement. If the case goes to court, the defense attorney is responsible for presenting evidence that will acquit his or her client.” In the event that the client is found guilty, the defense attorney is in charge of preparing for the appeal. Depending on the criminal offense, the charges can be much weightier and the process much more time consuming and overwhelming, but we recommend that regardless of your specific circumstances, you reach out to a criminal defense attorney who is well versed in the law and who also has the compassion and understanding needed to walk you through this difficult time.

The responsibility of a criminal defense lawyer however, in some ways extends past representing their client in a court of law. As the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers puts it, “it is appropriate to view the role of the criminal defense attorney as, in some ways, that of a constitutional lawyer. [They] attempt to protect clients from violations of their Fourth Amendment rights by unlawful searches and seizures, their Fifth Amendment rights by coerced confessions, their Sixth Amendment rights by a lawyer who is not totally effective in all respects, and their Eight Amendment right to not be subjected to a sentence that is grossly disproportionate to the crime committed.” In other words, criminal defense lawyers are there to ensure that your rights are respected and that you have a fair trial as stated by the law. If you or someone you know is facing a DUI charge, domestic violence charge or any other criminal charge, we highly recommend reaching out to an experienced and vigorous criminal defense attorney at Novo Law at (954) 822-5198.

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