Grand Rapids, MI- Detroit Red Wings’ Riley Sheahan is in hot water again following a DUI arrest at the end of October.

Sheahan, 20, was arrested in Grand Rapids on October 29th and charged with DUI and giving false information to police. Grand Rapids Police Sgt. Allen Noles told The Detroit Free Press that Sheahan was “driving with a high blood-alcohol level above .17, and giving false information.”

Though Noles was unclear about what incorrect information Sheahan gave to police he said it could entail “providing a false name, date of birth, or presenting themselves as somebody else.”

General Manager Ken Holland said, “I’m aware that Riley was charged with DUI. We’re handling it internally. He sat out a game. We’ve talked to him. We’re aware of what’s happened.”

This isn’t the first time Sheahan has been in trouble; in 2010 as a freshman at Notre Dame he was charged with public intoxication.

This past year, numerous pro and college athletes in the NBA, the NFL, and the NHL have been arrested for drunk driving and is a problem that these associations need to address. Many people including kids look up to athletes and these repeated arrests set a bad example for their fans.

Even if a DUI offender is a pro-athlete, they still have numerous legal challenges before them and must face the possibility of having their license suspended and even spending some time in jail. They need to have a knowledgeable DUI attorney working on their behalf. With the right defense an offender can avoid conviction or a strict penalty.