Oscar-winning actress Reese Witherspoon and her husband Jim Toth recently faced DUI charges in Atlanta. As she was handcuffed by the cop on Atlanta’s Peachtree Road, she allegedly told him that he will soon find out who she is and he will be on national news.

Witherspoon is Full of Herself

Witherspoon’s DUI attorneys in Atlanta however manipulated a deal with the prosecutor, as per which, Witherspoon will undergo a pre-trial intervention program so as to avert the conviction. According to this program, criminal cases are resolved through alternative methods other than prosecution. The program is essentially meant for those charged with minor criminal offences but have a clean criminal record otherwise.

Witherspoon may be Washed Up

Although the program made matters simpler for Witherspoon, it couldn’t save her from public disgrace caused due her abominable behavior. Although she walked the red carpet for the promotion of her movie ‘Mud’, she canceled her plans to do interviews in New York and refused to face the media altogether.

It was reported that Witherspoon, 37, interfered in the arrest of her husband and denied to get off the car. Despite repeated warnings, she stuck to her will and told the cop that she was an American citizen and had full right to stand on the American ground. She did not have the right to make the police officer’s job more difficult.

Witherspoon Talks Right

Later, Witherspoon and Toth were escorted to Atlanta city jail and their car was impounded. They were however bailed out of jail the next morning with the help of top DUI lawyers in Atlanta. Once out of jail and sobered, Reese apologized for her reckless behavior. She even confessed that she was disrespectful to the police officer who was performing his duties well.

Witherspoon has always been bracketed as a top notch actress and has won worldwide acclaim for several famous movies such as ‘Legally Blonde’ and ‘Sweet Home Alabama’ but this incident has dented her reputation substantially. This incident also did not paint celebrities in a bright light either and Hollywood actors who believe they are above the law.