A man charged for a DUI crash that proved fatal for a motorcyclist is in custody at the Southwest Detention Center awaiting bail that was posted at $1 million.

A 68 year old man held for drinking and driving

Kenneth Alan Hoddick, a resident of Agunga, was involved in a head on collision with a motorcyclist near Anza while driving under the influence of alcohol. He has been charged with murder in the first degree along with other associated charges.

According to San Diego DUI attorneys, if convicted, the defendant could spend fifteen years in prison for having caused the death of 61 year old Michael Ray from Anza. In addition to murder, the defendant has been charged with DUI gross vehicular manslaughter. His sentence is likely to be extended due to the additional charges of being a repeat DUI offender.

A horrendous driving mistake

The Superior Court Judge, Mark Mandio of Riverside County has initiated a conference to settle his felony charges and has ordered bail at $1 million for the defendant who is currently held at at Murrieta’s South West Detention Center.

Highway Patrol of California has reported that Hoddick was driving erratically, switching lanes, and braking very often at the time of the collision. Hoddick was driving a Chevy Silverado 1996 pickup on state highway 371 en-route south. Ray, the motorcyclist, was traveling northbound in the other lane when the crash occurred fifteen miles east of Temecula.

Mike Lassig of the CHP said that the collision took place between the vehicles at speeds of around fifty miles per hour. The defendant’s constant switching between lanes caused him to come right into the path of the unfortunate motorcyclist. The latter was thrown off his bike and sustained serious injuries. He died shortly after while being treated by paramedics.

Repeat DUI offender, no lessons learned

Hoddick tried to run after hitting Ray but was apprehended by bystanders and handed over to the CHP. He suffered minor chest injuries and was treated at the Inland Valley a Medical Center located at Wildomar. After his release from the Medical Center he was placed in jail the next day.

According to San Diego DUI attorneys, the law states that a person with previous DUI convictions can have charges of murder brought against them in a DUI case of vehicular homicide.

DUI offender falls asleep at the wheel after missing Madera PD DUI checkpoint

In another recent DUI related case, Phillip Rodriguez fell asleep in his car and was arrested on suspicion of drunken driving. According to police reports, Rodriguez went through the drive-through lane of a fast-food outlet in Madera, northwest of Fresno, and was arrested the second time around. Even if they forgot the ketchup the driver is still wrong. Joe Pesci in Lethal Weapon II may have been right about drive throughs but you still cannot drive drunk.

Any further mishap was prevented after a police cruiser was parked in the way to ensure the car did not roll forward. Blood tests indicated a BAC of .16, which is double the legal limit in California. According to San Diego DUI attorneys, it is illegal to be driving under the influence even in a parking lot.