A 68-year old man identified as Jesse Lee Johnson has to serve a minimum of two and a half years of his prison sentence of four and a half years after he has been convicted yet again for the crime of drunken driving. As reported by Sun Herald, the 68 year old was a previously convicted felon for the same crime. After serving his mandatory two and a half years in prison, Johnson will then be under supervised release for an additional three years.

Jesse Lee Johnson does not like being a free man

The sentence was handed to him after he pled guilty to not one but two counts of felony DUI at Harrison County Circuit Court. The case was handled by Circuit Judge Roger Clark.

According to police reports, his blood alcohol level was over two times the legal limit of 0.08 in both his previous two drunken driving related arrests.

The DUI charge is a felony under state law as it becomes a felony offense when anybody is charged three times for DUI within the previous five years, according to Gulfport MS DUI attorneys.

In the past Johnson has gotten into trouble with the law for other reasons as well. He was charged and convicted of aggravated assault in the 1980s and was also convicted of the charge of possession of a weapon by a felon in 2000.

32-year old Belden man faces two counts of a DUI causing death after fatal crash

A man identified as 32-year old Melandus Penson From Belden, Mississippi, faces serious charges and a possible lengthy prison sentence for being involved in a drunken crash that took away the lives of two teenage girls from Tennessee and injured two more, according to a Clarion Ledger report.

The fatality occurred on early on Sunday early morning. The deceased have been identified as teenagers Rachel Lynch and Maddie Kruse, the two girls with another two friends were supposedly on the way to the beach on a holiday when tragedy struck. The two injured girls are currently hospitalized.


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37-year old Mississippi man crashes rental jeep in drunken accident

The perpetrator has been identified as 37-year old Jason Munna and he is now in some serious trouble as he faces multiple charges after having rented a jeep and crashed it while driving under the influence.

Munna was airlifted to a hospital for treatment and two of his passengers were transported to a hospital by road after the crash.

There were 6 occupants in the jeep at the time of the crash, which is only certified to transport 4 people at the most. The accident occurred on Parsons Beach Road.

DUI laws in Mississippi

Mississippi has some of the most alarming numbers in the nation when it comes to DUI arrests and convictions annually. Therefore, it is imperative for law enforcement and legislators to treat the crime with serious penalties so as to curb the dangerous practice and keep offenders off the roads for as long as possible. It is possible that sometimes a person may be wrongly charged with a DUI and face stringent penalties.

This may include but is not limited to hefty fines, prison time, mandatory alcohol/drug counseling, installation of ignition interlock devices, and even temporary or permanent revocation of someone’s driving ability. Hence, anybody that maybe charged incorrectly must surely get themselves an experienced Gulfport MS DUI attorney who can tactfully prove his or her client’s innocence or at least come close to it. Certainly better than a public defender.