Tampa, FL-  Police finally arrested a Tampa woman for a hit-and -run accident that left a tow truck driver dead, making it her third arrest for driving under the influence of alcohol.

WFLA reports that tow truck driver Rogelio Perez-Borroto was assisting a motorist on the Howard Frankland Bridge early Monday morning. Investigators told Fox 13 that Volkswagen Passat sped past and struck Perez-Borroto then fled the scene. ‘

Police searched for several hours from the Passat and its driver for several hours before locating the car in the parking lot of a local hotel. The driver, who has been identified as Allison Huffman, was not located at the time, but police kept looking for her.

Huffman was arrested later Monday night at a friend’s house after police received a tip about her whereabouts. She admitted to police she was the driver but said she fled the scene because she was afraid.

As it turns out, Huffman is a repeat DUI offender with three prior DUI arrests on her record. Two of those arrests resulted in convictions, and yet Huffman still retained her license.

Since this her latest DUI involves a fatality, Huffman could face felony DUI charges.

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