Lafayette, LA- Some Louisiana DWI offenders are just unrepentant and have little concern about the dangers of drunk driving. Such is the case of a Vermillion Parrish man with three DWI convictions under his belt who fatally struck a pedestrian earlier this month.

Police told Vermilion Today that 49-year-old Gary Shipman tampered with the ignition interlock device in his vehicle on Friday, March 6th, and proceeded to drive. As Shipman was traveling along LA 82 when he encountered an elderly man walking along the side of the roadway. According to reports, Shipman tried to avoid striking the pedestrian, but was unable.

According to the Vermilion Today, 88-year-old Donald Broussard was killed. Shipman was not injured.

Police suspected Shipman, who was not injured in the crash, was intoxicated and he was taken to a local precinct where he registered a .085 on a breathalyzer test. A search of Shipman’s vehicle revealed that he has tampered with the ignition interlock so he could start his car, and police found an open bottle of vodka in his car, reported.

State Police said Broussard was in the actual lane of travel and that should be taken into consideration, even so, Shipman will have to account for his part in the deadly accident. He was charged with DWI-third offense, tampering with an ignition interlock device and open alcoholic container, according to Vermilion Today.

Some DWI/DUI are strongly resistant to the idea of having an ignition interlock device installed in their vehicles. But in some cases, these devices save a drunken driver from themselves, so to speak. Although there are pretty tough penalties for repeat DWI offenses, the consequences are much, much tougher when a person is harmed or killed by a repeat offender.

Any person charged with a DWI, regardless of the exigent circumstances, need a Louisiana DWI attorney working on their defense. This is especially true when the accused has prior DWI convictions and/or was involved in fatal or injurious collision. When either or both of these circumstances are present in your case you need a Lafayette DWI attorney working on your defense. They will use all the tools in their arsenal to help you avoid the more dire consequences of a drunken or drugged driving conviction.

Every day in the U.S. approximately 300,000 people drive drunk according to FBI statistics. Chances are that at last a half to a third of those drunken drivers are repeat offenders, and many have suspended driver’s licenses. These drivers often don’t think about the legal ramifications of their actions until it’s too late.

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