Smithfield, RI- DUI recidivism is a major concern in all fifty states, including Rhode Island, and with good reason given the fact that nearly half of all first-time offenders are destined to be face the charge for second or third time. Many DUI offenders have long gaps of time between DUI arrests, but some people rack them up in quick succession, like a Rhode Island man who was charged with two DUI arrests in quick succession.

The Johnston Patch reports that on Thursday, June 11, police in Smithfield received calls about an erratic driver around 5:30 p.m.

Police located the driver, and submitted the 45-year-old man to field sobriety tests which he failed. He was then arrested and refused a field sobriety test. But this wasn’t his first DUI.

According the Patch, the same man was charged with a DUI on June 1st after he struck a marked patrol car parked in the emergency lanes of Route 295. The man failed field sobriety tests at the time and refused to submit to a chemical test.

The officer suffered only minor injuries.

Last month, a another man in the state racked up two DUI charges in two days.

If convicted of his second DUI, this suspect could be facing anywhere between 10 days in jail to a year, so clearly the consequences of a DUI conviction in Rhode Island can be severe and calls for an aggressive defense strategy.

A first or repeat DUI charge is not something that should be taken lightly and a person facing these charges should enlist legal counsel right away. The penalties for driving under the influence kick in immediately, namely suspension of a person’s driver’s license. If a DUI suspect acts quickly and speaks with a DUI attorney, they may be able to keep their license.

Rhode Island DUI statutes allow offenders to plead to the lesser charge of wet reckless in which a DUI charge is reduced to a reckless driving charge. A plea bargain is just one of the defense options for DUI suspects facing their first or subsequent DUI charges, but that might not be possible or the best approach to take in many cases.

Some DUI first-time or repeat offenders have underlying addictions and would be better served with some sort of treatment or rehabilitation program. That is one of the possible options your attorney will explore when crafting your defense.

You won’t know what options are possible in your case until you speak with an attorney. When you retain their services, they will look at the details of your arrest and the evidence collected to decide what defense strategy will be most effective in your case.

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