A Superior Court judge in Warwick, Rhode Island, has sentenced 36 year old Brandon Borge to 25 years in jail for the April 1st, 2012 crime that killed Barbara Ellis. Justice Jeffrey Lanphear who imposed the sentence, also added a 15 years’ probation on top of the prison sentence and a five year license suspension which will begin when Borge is released from jail.

In addition, there will be a $5,000 fine, and Borge will also have to undergo mental health and substance abuse counseling. DUI attorneys in Rhode Island say that since Borge filed a no-contest plea to the charge of the DUI in relation to the crime, his sentence is in keeping with the charges that were levied on him.

Press statement shows how the accident happened

Rhode Island Attorney General Peter Kilmartin released a press statement relating to the sentencing on December 9th, and in that he detailed how the prosecution’s drunk driving attorneys Rhode Island were ready to show the jury how the accident actually happened. The prosecution had alleged that Borge was driving at a high speed of more than 90mph on Route 2 North when he passed a Warwick police officer on the road.

Instead of slowing down, Borge took the police officer on a chase and even made a U-Turn on Toll Gate Road. He was speeding at over 100mph when he lost the control of his car and it went on to hit a bridge abutment on the Route 5. The car then burst into flames due to the sudden impact and Ellis, who was in the car with Borge, was caught in the fire.

Borge too had extensive injuries in the crash. Both his legs had to be amputated. Ellis, was later identified as Borge’s girlfriend. So she is not completely innocent in this tragedy. She chose to hang out and drive with this person.

Rhode Island will not compromise on strict penalties say Attny. Gen.

According to the Rhode Island Attny. General, the sentencing shows that the state is not willing to make any compromises when it comes to imposing stiff penalties on drunk drivers who cause death and injury to others – even girlfriends who choose to sit in the same car with the drunk.

Mr. Kilmartin also said that the conduct of the driver i.e. Peter Borge was found to be nothing short of ‘unconscionable’. Borge’s blood alcohol limit was more than twice the legal limit allowed in Rhode Island, and even then he chose to drive recklessly at speeds upwards of 100 mph, showing that he had no remorse and absolutely no concern for the wellbeing of the passenger―his girlfriend―who was in the car with him and chose to drive with him and not get out―if she had a chance. No one but them know the details with that aspect.

Accused showed no remorse, say lawyers

The Attorneys General also added that even during the whole trial process, Borge had refused to show any kind of sadness for his wrongdoing. He had, as per the press statement, shown only a very selfish behavior with concern only for his own feelings but he never tried to do more than what was necessary for his own wellbeing. He was also pretty cold and distant from Ellis’ family and put his own good above any regard for her family.

Who knows if Ellis ever tried to get out or ask if she could drive instead?