Los Angeles, CA- Richard Dreyfuss’ past experience with driving under the influence will come in handy now that his wife Svetlana is facing DUI and hit-and-run charges after an accident in early June.

TMZ discovered Svetlana Dreyfuss was arrested on June 2nd in Encinitas, California, after she ran into a wooden fence and severed a pressurized water line. That was bad enough, but instead of staying on the scene she fled. Police caught up with her just a couple of miles down the road and charged her with driving under the influence and hit-and-run.

Fortunately for Svetlana no one was injured.

Svetlana told the gossip site she had only one glass of wine and performed well on field sobriety tests, but TMZ learned the charges have already been sent to the DA so she’s going to need to get a hold of a DUI attorney if she wants to beat them.

Things have changed considerably since Dreyfuss wrapped his car around a tree after a cocaine-fueled binge back in 1982. After that accident, he’s kicked the coke habit and used his experience to teach others about the perils of addiction.

Law enforcement hears the “But I only had one drink” excuse a lot, but if you are over the legal limit they don’t really care how many drinks you’ve had, you’re going to be booked and charged anyway. That doesn’t mean a prosecutor will secure a conviction but you will still have to deal with your arrest and the consequences that follow well before you try to make a deal or appear in court.

In almost every state just a DUI charge not conviction is enough for the court to suspend your license. Law enforcement doesn’t have to wait until you are convicted or appear in court to seize your license. In fact, some states allow police to take it on the spot. Most people find it nearly impossible to get to work or function otherwise without driving. But you may be able to keep your license until you appear in court when you contact a DUI attorney immediately; they can tell you whether it is possible for you to keep your license before you head to court.

Although courts typically look at the results of a Breathalyzer test as scientific proof a driver is intoxicated,the results of these test are not fool-proof. Often breath test results can be if the device is not properly maintained or calibrated. These test must also be administered by someone who has the proper training. A driver with medical issues such as diabetes or someone who has taken cold medicine can also give an inaccurate reading. Even lip gloss or a breath mint can cause a person to give an incorrect reading.

Though these breath tests are widely used, they have a number of weaknesses which a DUI attorney will exploit as part of your defense in order to prevent you from being convicted or drunken driving. When you get legal assistance with your DUI charge you have a better chance of avoiding severe penalties and may be able to avoid a conviction.