Cars are an essential component of American society. While cars add comfort, luxury, and speed to daily travel, for the thousands of car accidents victims every year, they are also the source of heartache and pain. The leading cause of car accidents is drunk driving. The death toll for drunk driving accidents in the state is well into the hundreds. This emphasizes the need for Clarksburg drunk driving accident attorneys.

Insurance companies make a claim in an accident to avoid a lawsuit. They often delay, reduce, or even wholly deny compensation payments. Clarksburg drunk driving accident lawyers can negotiate with the insurance companies and ensure that the victim is duly compensated.

DUI injury lawsuits are usually resolved without a trial. They are only brought to court when a consensus between the two sides is not reached. An individual needs a  DUI accident attorney to represent them legally in front of the jury and judge. The lawyer can help the victim throughout the entire litigation process.

Several types of damages occur in an auto accident. These can be divided into two categories – compensatory and general. Compensatory damages include the medical bills, loss of income or employment, and any property damage that may have happened. General damages include the injury itself, any medical complication, any permanent disability or disfigurement, and the mental trauma and anguish that the victim goes through. An experienced and skilled drunk driving accident attorney can fairly assess and evaluate the damages and accordingly demand compensation.

Detailed investigation and examination are conducted before a case can proceed to court. Only a well-experienced lawyer can perform such rigorous investigations. It involves analyzing police documents, collecting pieces of evidence, evaluating the statements of all the people involved, cross-checking the filed case report, and reviewing testimony from witnesses. This requires access to government documentation and descriptions of inquiries that are not given to a victim unless they have legal representation. Clarksburg drunk driving accident lawyers may seek proper authorization to view state documents. The representing lawyer also interviews the opposite party during the discovery process to determine which party was exactly at fault for the accident.

In many cases, compensation to the victim can be reduced by charging them with contributory negligence. If the victim is not proven innocent, they are required to contribute to the payment for damages. DUI accident lawyers prevent this from happening by preparing relevant arguments to defend the victim. is one of the most reputed firms for DUI accident attorney services. Their experienced and skilled legal team has an impressive track record throughout the country. It’s outstanding client reviews bear testimony to its excellence.


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