(Rock Island, IL) – December 22nd, 2016 – Driving under the influence is a criminal offense throughout the country although each state has its own set of laws that may vary.

Illinois has been a state struggling for years because its economic policies are backwards and you do not need an Illinois DUI attorney from the mighty and altruistic USAttorneys.com to figure this out. On top of this, its flagship city, Chicago, is now known more for its atrocious murder rates than anything else. Who cares if the Cubs won the World Series when the city is more dangerous than Iraq and the business climate is so pitiful businesses are taking off to other nearby states?

In 2015, Illinois had 489 drivers killed and 385 of them had a known BAC limit according to IIHS which is the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. Since 58% of all crash deaths were in an urban area, most likely most of these DUI deaths were in a city and since Chicago is the biggest city, Chicago probably had the most DUI crash deaths in Illinois.

The standout news for this state according to Cyber Drive, DUI crash deaths have been falling for years, in fact decades. Now that is something to write home about!

According to stellar DUI lawyers from Rock Island, IL, DUI offenders face serious consequences and the scope of the punishments vary not only from state to state but also on factors such as the severity and magnitude of the crime, and the defendant’s past criminal history.

Therefore, a first time offender who was arrested in a routine DUI checkpoint will face consequences that are not as harsh or as serious as a repeat offender who was apprehended after he caused a DUI accident that led to someone becoming seriously injured.

When such arrests are made, state prosecutors file criminal charges against the suspect who will then be tried in court and sentenced if convicted or found guilty of the charges. The suspect will obviously be allowed to appoint an Illinois DUI defense attorney to argue the case while on the other hand the prosecution will present evidence with the intention of incarcerating the suspect.

The different types of evidence in a DUI case

Legal counselor explain that evidence in a DUI case comes in many forms. Some of the most popularly acknowledged forms of evidence in a DUI case are as follows:

Arresting officer’s testimony: This is a written or verbal statement made by the officer who carried out the DUI arrested. This statement can include the officers account of what happened and any obvious visual cues or odor pointing towards the suspect being intoxicated such as the smell of alcohol on the suspect’s breath, blood shot eyes, and/or slurred speech.

Incriminating statements made by the defendant: Some suspects fail to exercise their right to remain silent during the arrest and choose to answer questions posed by law enforcement officers. They ought to remember that anything they say can and will be used against them in a court of law. This is why so many Rock Island, IL DUI lawyers recommend that anyone pulled over for DUI refrain from talking to the arresting officers. Just answer tell them what your name is and be real careful about what else you say.

Officers’ testimony on how the suspect fared in a field sobriety test: A field sobriety test is performed to check the balance and coordination of a suspect. They are asked to repeat the alphabet backwards, stand on one leg, and walk in a straight line, to name a few. The officer is the judge of their performance and can testify about what happened in a court room.

Video/photographic evidence: Dash cam videos, traffic video recordings, and so on can also be used as evidence.

Chemical tests: Breathalyzer test, blood test, and urine test results are all considered evidence.

If you have been arrested or charged with a DUI, make sure to seek help from an Illinois DUI lawyer. Your legal pro will use all their skills and resources to challenge evidence in court to protect your rights.