DUI lawyer discusses what you should and shouldn’t do during a DUI stop.

Sacramento, CA– If you drink and drive in California, you are probably going to get pulled over. You may avoid a DUI stop several times, or you can get pulled over the first time you get behind the wheel drunk, either way, you need to know what to

When you get pulled over

If you have been pulled over for impaired driving, you need to understand your rights. For a traffic stop, if an officer is detaining you, you are not free to leave, but you aren’t under arrest. You cannot leave a traffic stop until the officer releases you, but you also cannot be detained without sufficient cause for a prolonged period. Whatever you say and do during your DUI stop will affect your future, so you need to be calm, careful and watch what you say.

The first thing an officer is going to do is ask you for your driver’s license, registration and proof of insurance. They are also going to ask you questions like: Have you been drinking tonight? How many drinks have you had? Where were you; at a bar, a party or a friend’s house? Where are you going?

How you answer those questions will dictate how the rest of your night and the next few months will go, so you need to think carefully. Our team of drunk driving defense attorneys recommends you say as little to police as possible. Of course, you need to answers and officer’s questions truthfully, but don’t offer any more information than they are seeking.

If you are worried about incriminating yourself because you have been drinking it will not pay off to lie to an officer. Telling police a lie will only make matters worse for you and could result in additional charges. In a Forbes article, one DUI attorney recommends you assert your Fifth Amendment protections against self-incrimination. Pleading the Fifth will end the questioning, but it won’t keep you from being arrested or charged with a DUI in Sacramento.

If an officer suspects you have been drinking, they are going to ask you to agree to field sobriety tests and a breathalyzer. You can choose to refuse these tests and face immediate suspension of your driver’s license, or you can agree to the tests. A charge for refusing a breathalyzer is not as severe as a DUI though the penalties can be just as troublesome.

If you agree to a breathalyzer and it shows you are impaired, it is likely you’ll be spending several hours, perhaps days, in jail until you post bond. As soon as you are given a chance, you need to retain a DUI lawyer in California to work on your defense. USAttorneys recommends you get legal advice as soon as possible. You are going to need the advice of a top-notch defense lawyer if you want to avoid a DUI conviction or want to minimize the consequences.

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