Karen Gallagher, who previously worked as a news anchor in San Antonio, was placed under arrest on Wednesday night for alleged drunken driving. Supposedly, this is not the first time Gallagher has gotten in trouble with the law; she was previously arrested once before in 2011 for prescription drug fraud, according to khou.com.

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Unbecoming of a news anchor

Gallagher was convicted of the charge back in 2011 where she pleaded with no contest in a court of law and was handed probation and instructed to pay a $2,000 fine as penalty. Her crime in that case was caught on tape, the video recording clearly showed her stealing a prescription for hydrocodone (pharmaceutical grade heroin) while at a woman’s party.

No more driving for you Karen Gallagher – stick to walking, bicycling, or a Segway

In her latest arrest, a witness testified having seen her car speeding down Roger’s Ranch in a reckless manner and then driving over the median and hitting a curb when it finally came to a halt. To make things worse for herself, after the first curb hit, Gallagher continued to speed while driving the wrong way on southbound lanes and hit the curb a few more times before finally t-boning another car.

After the collision, Gallagher supposedly attempted to drive away yet again, but the other driver was able to put his hand into her car and confiscate the car keys from the ignition key slot.

Responding law enforcement officers also reported that Gallagher seemed disoriented and that her person smelt of alcohol when they confronted her. Her bond has been set at $1,000, it is not clear whether she has a DWI attorney or will need to be appointed one by the state.

25 year old combat veteran handed eight year probation sentence

25 year old Daniel Grissom has been handed an 8 year long probation sentence by a Lubbock judge after he was convicted of intoxication vehicular assault after over three years since the accident itself, as reported by lubbockonline.com.

Furthermore, Grissom will also need to serve a 30-day prison term for his crime. His defense strategy during his trial was premised around the fact that he had been diagnosed with PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) ever since he had returned from military service. This is the reason why he was deemed eligible for probation. His victim was identified as Lori Jean Little who was present at the hearing and testified that the crash had left her with a head injury and had caused her scalp to become split open.

DUI laws in Texas

Texas state law is very concise when it comes to drunken driving related offenses whether you are a resident of Texarkana, San Antonio, Houston, or any other city. The penalties are strict and include prison sentences, hefty fines, and installation of ignition interlock devices, community service, mandatory counselling programs, and much more.

Apart from these grueling punishments, those convicted of DUI in Texas will also soon realize that the conviction will affect their personal, social, and professional life in a negative manner. This is why it is extremely important that DUI suspects appoint a qualified Texarkana, TX DWI attorney and get started on their defense to beat their DUI case.