San Diego, CA- A San Diego man was arrested for causing a drunken driving accident that left a mother and her two children injured, according to reports.

Police say that on January 18th, a 27 year-old man was exiting I-805 when he ran a red light around 7:50 p.m. and collided with a minivan. A mother and her two children were in that minivan.

Police told Fox 5 that the minivan had the right of way. All three occupants were rushed to area hospitals for treatment. The mother a one child suffered minor injuries; her 3 year-old was not injured.

The man who stuck the minivan was given field sobriety test which police said he failed. The man was taken into custody and charged with suspicion of driving under the influence.

If you have been charged with a DUI as a result of a traffic accident, you need to contact a San Diego DUI attorney as soon as you can. This is a serious charge and extenuating circumstances such as an accident can result in harsh penalties unless you have a legal expert on your side.

This accident could have been much worse. Each year thousands of people are killed in drunken driving accidents so the laws are pretty tough on DUI offenders but there are many who like tougher DUI laws in California.

Recently, a California lawmaker introduced legislation that would require all first-time DUI offenders to install ignition interlock devices into their vehicles across the state. (Ignition interlocks are like breathalyzers and keep a car from starting if the driver is intoxicated.  Currently, only a handful of counties–Alameda, Los Angeles, Sacramento and Tulare– have a pilot program that requires first-time DUI offenders to install these devices, but state Senator Jerry Hill would like to see that program rolled out to the entire state.

Let’s be clear, it is dangerous to drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol and no one should do it, ever. But the fact is, excessive consumption of alcohol can lead to very, very bad decisions. Most sober people wouldn’t ever dream of getting behind the wheel when they’ve had too many drinks. However. that changes when a person is drunk and even the most conscientious and responsible person can find themselves in legal hot water.

A conviction for a first DUI in California can lead to a jail sentence, loss of driving privileges and thousands of dollars on fines and fees. A DUI conviction can haunt a person for years to come. An individual will face skyrocketing insurance rates, a permanent record and for some a DUI conviction will put their job in jeopardy.

Whether a person is facing minor DUI charges of more serious ones, they need to have a San Diego DUI attorney working on their defense. They will build a strong defense on your behalf increasing your chances of avoiding conviction and possibly minimizing the resulting penalties. Take your DUI charges seriously and get the legal help you need.