Keep an eye out Monday evening for a checkpoint somewhere in San Diego. The San Diego Police Department is planning a Monday checkpoint, in addition to the Friday checkpoint they had over the weekend, according to the Times of San Diego. The checkpoint will run from 11 p.m. Monday night to 3 a.m. Tuesday morning. The location is kept secret, but they choose it based on any accidents, arrests, or issues, they’ve had previously at that spot. Drivers will be asked to stop at the checkpoint so that officers can see if there are any indications of alcohol or drugs. 42 people have died in the last three years due to impaired drivers, and there have been 2,005 reported collisions.

According to the San Diego Police Department in their most recent news release, the checkpoints are used to help deter drivers from getting on the road while impaired by drugs or alcohol. By putting out a notice to warn drivers, they are aware that they could hit the checkpoint at any time. They state that studies show up to a 20% reduction in collisions involving impaired drivers when there is are publicized DUI checkpoints. Announcing them also provides another opportunity for the department to raise awareness of this dangerous activity.

Not only will the officers be looking for signs of impairment, but they will also check for valid licensing and other vehicle infractions that may be unsafe for the road.

According to the release, in 2013 alone, there were 867 deaths and 23,000 serious injuries caused by impaired drivers. Nationally, that number is over 10,000 deaths. 30 percent of crashes where someone died involved a driver who was impaired in some way. It’s not just alcohol that’s the problem, either. In fact, the release states that a study showed that more drivers test positive for drugs that impair such as marijuana (14 percent) than alcohol (7.3 percent). Prescription medication, and even some over-the-counter medication can cause impairment, especially when they are mixed with even a little bit of alcohol.

The department makes it clear that drunk driving is so often the result of poor planning. There are other options for transportation, such as a designated driver, or simply calling a cab or a ride-share company.

Being caught driving impaired can come with serious consequences that could include fines, but also jail time or special DUI classes. Not only that, but you’ll have to face your family, friends, and even employers with the news.

If you’re caught up in a DUI checkpoint, contact a San Diego DUI attorney right away. The impact on your life, not to mention a possible criminal record, can be severe. An attorney will work hard to protect your rights, and do what they can do to reduce your charge or even get it dismissed, potentially providing you with a chance to move on with your life. Call one today for a free consultation.