According to a report by the Administrative Office of the Courts, the magistrate courts in Rio Arriba County have the distinction of having the worst DUI conviction rates in the state in 2014. Only 36.3% of 295 DUI cases ended in convictions while 55.6% of cases were dismissed by the court. Santa Fe New Mexico DUI lawyers are actually quite fond of those numbers.

The figures although alarming, were slightly better than the previous year where 34.6% of cases ended in convictions. In 2014, Santa Fe County recorded 844 DUI cases of which 63.4% of offenders were convicted and 35.9% cases were dismissed, as reported by Los Alamos County fared better with 87.8% convictions out of 41 DUI cases.

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Laguna man charged in fatal DUI crash had two previous DUI convictions reports that a Laguna man, Antonia Jeffrey, who is accused of killing an Albuquerque great grandmother, Carolyn Chappell, 62, in a DUI related crash, has two prior DUI convictions, according to pretrial services. His most recent conviction was in 2011.

Jeffrey’s latest drunken driving spree ended in Chappell losing her life. He was driving on the wrong side of the road near the intersection of NM 313 and 556 near Sandia Pueblo, around 50 miles from Santa Fe, and collided with a car driven by Chappell’s sister. She was rushed to hospital but succumbed to injuries a short while later while her sister escaped with minor injuries. Her family will want to use to find a fantastic DUI lawyer who is willing to go all the way one this one. That is not a tall ordeal with this site though. This site is a legal blockbuster.

Jeffrey’s bail bond was increased by the judge to $100,000 cash or surety after Judge Michelle Castillo Dowler learned of the previous DUI convictions in 2008 and 2011 in addition to 9 misdemeanor bench warrants. According to police reports, deputies found two 16-ounce beer cans in Jeffery’s truck while two beers were missing from a four pack. However, Jeffery denied having consumed any alcohol. So why were you driving on the wrong side of the road? His Santa Fe New Mexico DUI attorney may believe him but will anyone else?

2 year old tests positive for cocaine; mother and child found unconscious in vehicle

In a disturbing incident reported by, a 2 year old boy was found unconscious in a car along with his 25 year old mother, Brittany Christy, and another passenger 25 year old Lawrence Howard. Police reports indicate that the young boy tested positive for cocaine – not even the best Santa Fe New Mexico DUI lawyers can defend a mother well on that one. The police found the car in the middle of a sidewalk in downtown Albuquerque.

All three were unconscious while an open bottle of alcohol was recovered by the police from the vehicle. The investigating officer observed that Christy tried to conceal some drug paraphernalia in her hand which later turned out to contain a significant amount of heroin. They are still trying to determine how the drugs got into the 2 year olds system. Where are you on this one Hank Schrader?

The passenger, Howard, now faces charges of child abuse while Christy has been charged with aggravated DWI, child abuse, possession of a controlled substance, and tampering with evidence. She admitted to deciding to drive after using heroin. The boy was rushed to hospital for treatment and is now in the custody of the Children, Youth and Families Department. Meanwhile, the mother has been released on bond.

Hire a NM DUI attorney

According to Santa Fe NM DUI attorneys, any motorist 21 year or above found with a B.A.C. of .08% or higher is liable to be charged with a DUI offense. Their driver’s license will be revoked 2 days after their arrest. Other penalties vary depending on the facts of the case and whether the individual is a first time or repeat offender.

The consequences for aggravated DUI include jail time. Therefore, if you or your loved ones have been arrested or face DUI charges it is prudent to consider talking to an experienced and aggressive NM DUI lawyer at the earliest.