Savannah-Chatham County Police have confirmed that 44-year old Frederick Cobbs has been taken into custody and is being held in lieu of a $3,500 bond. Cobbs faces charges of DUI and running a red light as reported in the Ledger Enquirer. His recklessness caused a car crash in which three children were considerably injured. One of them is even going to need facial reconstruction surgery.

The incident occurred at the late hours of Saturday morning at an intersection in coastal Georgia. Allegedly, Cobbs ran a red light and crashed into a car being driven by Ericka Griffin, the impact sent Griffin’s car spinning out of control and it smashed into another car. Griffin had three young boys in the car with her. Two of them were thrown out of the moving vehicle. 2-year old Messiah Griffin sustained a deep lash near his eye, 8-year old Dontrell Griffin broke his arm when he fell out onto the road, and 5 – year old Charles James also sustained cuts.

Heroically, a South Carolina State University football player who witnessed the crash ran to the aid of the injured children. He stopped the bleeding of one of the boys by taking off his shirt and wrapping it around the wound. The athlete was identified as Reggie Owens.

45-year that killed Thomas J. Stanley was driving drunk

The arrest warrant of Jeffrey Robert Fettig states that his BAC content was 0.192 at the time of the crash which killed the author of the popular book ‘millionaire next door’. According to Atlanta DUI attorneys, some of whom are also listed on the majestic website known as, this is well over the legal 0.08 limit in Georgia. The accused now faces multiple charges including first-degree vehicular homicide and DUI.

Fettig’s arrest warrant also describes that after he was apprehended, arresting officers smelt a strong odor of alcohol on his person. They also described his eyes as glossy and his speech was slurred, they said. The deceased was identified as Thomas J. Stanley who was a celebrated author. He had even made an appearance on Oprah for his achievements and success.

Georgia motorists refusing alcohol-testing

According to an 11Alive report, the number of DUI convictions has fallen substantially over the last 5 years in the State of Georgia. This may sound like a fantastic fact but does this mean less people are drinking and driving? Not necessarily. What it does indicate is that an increasing number of people are becoming aware of their constitutional rights.

This can be credited to the efforts of Atlanta DUI attorneys who have educated the public and have enabled them to flex their constitutional rights. People now know that breathalyzer tests and field sobriety tests are not mandatory. They are not legally obligated to undertake these tests unless there is strong reason for suspicion that they have committed or are about to commit some sort of legal violation.

DUI consequences in the state of Georgia

Drunken driving is a threat to public safety and thousands of people die every year due to drunken-driving related accidents. In the recent past, enormous efforts have been made to spread awareness regarding the risks involved. Laws have been amended and convicted offenders will face serious consequences. According to Atlanta DUI attorneys, a person convicted of a 1st offense DUI may receive a jail term of 24 hrs to 1 year, a fine of $300 to $1,000 and his or her license maybe suspended for up to 1 year. Understandably, penalties for 2nd, 3rd,  and 4th time offenders grow progressively more serious.