A 52-year old woman from Sea Cliff faces multiple charges after she tried to drive away despite having hit an officer who was signaling at her to slow down.

Finnin-Hunt hit a Suffolk County police officer in the Hauppauge Area at around 2:00 pm. Reportedly, Officer Dennis Hendrickson was positioned on the shoulder of a Long Island Expressway and was warning on-coming drivers of a crash that had occurred near exit 56. When Hunt drove by, Hendrickson tried to signal at her to slow down but she failed to do so. Hendrickson tried to jump out of the way but Hunt’s car struck his right arm and hand and then she sped away from the scene.

However, she was stopped and apprehended a short while later. She has been charged with a DUI, reckless driving, unlawful fleeing, negligent endangerment, and leaving the scene of a personal injury.

She said she would not make any comments without the presence of her DUI attorney which is probably a smart move. If you want an outstanding and local DUI lawyer, USAttorneys.com is the site for you.

Prosecutors charge man from Coram on multiple counts including DUI

27-year old Stephan Harbison was charged with felony charges on Friday after causing a crash which killed one of his passengers and severely injured the other. It has been reported that Harbison was driving drunk when he lost control of his Infiniti and drove into a tree at considerable speed. Reportedly he was headed in a southerly direction on Straight Path when the accident occurred at around 4:30 am.

The deceased passenger has been identified as 28-year old Hamzah Abdul-Hakim from Wyandach. The other occupant of the vehicle was 28-year old Ismail Latiff who was also from Wyandach. Latiff has been hospitalized but remains in a critical, unresponsive condition.

The alleged drunken driver is also in critical condition. He has been charged with DUI, vehicular manslaughter and vehicular assault after the fatal crash.


First time offender faces felony charge under Leandra’s law

Leandra’s law was imposed after an 11-year old girl named Leandra Rosado passed away in New York City as the result of a drunken driving accident. The little girl was being driven by her mother’s friend who was under the influence of alcohol when she flipped the car she was driving. Leandra was one among seven minor occupants of the vehicle.

According to Suffolk County DUI attorneys, the law which was passed on November 18th, 2009 dictates that any person driving a vehicle while drunk or intoxicated will be charged with either a class E or class D felony if the vehicle was occupied by any person aged 15 or younger.

The class of the felony would depend on the extent of recklessness involved. If recklessness and serious injury or death was not a part of the crash then the driver shall be charged with a class D felony. If the crash caused death or life-threatening injuries then the driver would be charged with a class E felony. Expert DUI attorneys have confirmed that even first time offenders can be booked as felons under Leandra’s law.

A man from Hamburg was penalized under the aforementioned law on Saturday night at around 8 pm.

Thankfully, the child was unhurt and child services investigated the matter and handed custody of the child to the mother. 26-year old Michael Cleary was stopped by officers who were responding to calls against Cleary alleging reckless and erratic driving. He had a 2-year old in the car with him.