While civil cases are not guaranteed to be a walk in the park, criminal cases are known to be particularly difficult to navigate. Civil cases can certainly toy with the emotional stability of those involved but those facing criminal charges tend to be confronted with far more life-changing outcomes such as prison sentences and criminal records. These outcomes pose enormous threats to anyone, but especially to those who have their whole life ahead of them. This is why it’s critical that anyone confronted with a criminal charge reaches out to a skilled and experienced criminal defense attorney in Traverse City, Michigan who can advocate for them in court and give them a shot at a fair trial.

A Criminal Defense Attorney Can Represent You in a Variety of Cases

According to the Balance Careers, criminal defense lawyers are there to “represent defendants facing criminal charges in state, federal and appellate courts. Their scope of practice includes bail bond hearings, plea bargains, trial, revocation hearings (parole or probation), appeals, and post-conviction remedies. Some of their specific functions include “investigating the case and interviewing witnesses, researching case law, statutes, crime codes, and procedural law, building a defense and developing a case strategy, [and] drafting, filing and arguing motions.”

In terms of the range of criminal cases that a defense attorney in Traverse City, Michigan can represent you on, these include assault and battery, federal crimes, juvenile crimes, homicide, restraining orders, theft offenses, sex crimes, traffic tickets, DUI charges, domestic violence, fraud and white-collar crime, drug crimes, gun charges, etc. Regardless of the specific crime, you have been charged with, it’s imperative that you have a seasoned attorney by your side who can rely on their extensive experience collecting evidence, preparing a comprehensive and unwavering case, interacting with judges and witnesses, and so on.

How Exactly Can a Criminal Defense Attorney Assist You?

If you or someone you know has been criminally charged, we recommend reaching out to an attorney. Although time is always of the essence in legal cases, that is particularly true for criminal cases, which makes it a must to reach out to an attorney who is viscerally aware of important deadlines and timeless. Equally important, is to be represented by an attorney who is educated on the role race can play in the criminal justice system, as according to the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, “[criminal defense attorneys] attempt to compensate for the severe racial disparities of those arrested and prosecuted by combatting the prosecutorial and judicial abuse of discretion against minorities and to secure the equal protection of the laws, [and] underlying it all is [their] commitment to due process and [their] sometimes desperate struggles to have criminal proceedings that are fundamentally fair.”

If you or someone you know needs an experienced criminal defense attorney, please reach out to the specialists at The Neumann Law Group at (231) 221-0050.

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