Indianapolis, IN- The Indiana police officer who is allegedly responsible for a fatal DUI accident in 2010 has been arrested again for suspicion of driving while intoxicated.

David Bisard, 42, was arrested last Saturday around 2:30 p.m. in Lawrence, Indiana after he crashed his truck into a speed limit sign, a guardrail and then a power pole the Indianapolis Star reported.

Bisard agreed to a breathalyzer test which revealed his BAC was .17, twice the legal limit. Officer Dan Rhoton’s reported noted that Brisard’s eyes were bloodshot and his speech was slurred. According to the Indianapolis Star,

Bisard admitted to police that he began drinking at noon and promised to not drive drunk again if police let him go.
“I know you know who I am. I messed up today. If you guys cut me a break, I promise I will never drink again,” Bisard said according to Rhoton’s report.

Bisard also told Officer Rhoton “if he went to jail today his life would be over,” and promised to pay for any damages if police would let him go. The report also stated that Bisard said he was guilty of “this” DUI, but not the “other” one.

The other DUI Bisard is referring to stems from a fatal DUI accident in 2010. Bisard was driving his patrol car when he struck two motorcycles in a Northeast intersection. Eric Wells, 30, was killed and two others were injured, the Indianapolis Star reported.

After the 2010 crash Bisard was charged with reckless homicide, criminal recklessness along with driving while intoxicated. His blood alcohol level at the time of the accident was 0.19.
Bisard’s still hasn’t gone to trial for the 2010 fatal DUI accident, but has been suspended from the Indianapolis Police Department without pay pending the results of the trial, which is scheduled for October.

The original case against Bisard was initially dropped because there were questions as to whether the results from the blood alcohol were properly obtained, the Los Angeles Times reported. According to state law at the time, blood tests had to be conducted by a physician, nurse or emergency medical technicians. When Bisard was arrested, his blood was drawn by a medical assistant.

Because his Bisard’s blood was not drawn by the appropriate medical professional a lower court threw out the charges against it him, but an appeals court later overturned that court’s decision and several charges were filed against Bisard.
The circumstances of Bisard’s arrest compelled Indiana lawmakers to change laws regarding the collection of fluids for testing.

However, Bisard still has his driver’s license, which the Times said is because of a glitch in the state law. Luckily, Bisard didn’t harm anyone before he was arrested this past weekend.

Bisard in now among the many people who repeatedly drink and drive; statistics have shown that at least half of all first-DUI offenders are likely to drive drunk again. It is because of people like Bisard that the National Traffic Safety Board has encouraged states to pass laws making ignition interlock devices mandatory for first-time DUI offenders.